Friday, May 31, 2013

Letters to self : Hearty Matters

Dear mind,

I know these days you’ve been listening to a host of voices. Each with their own opinion and persuasion. I know how inclined you are towards logic but before you act on those logical reasonings, listen to the beating insistence of this heart.

Remember that there is no such thing as the perfect partner, and that all succesful relationships were built on a foundation of understanding and trust. Trust that when you lay your soul bare, this other person will be willing to fill in the gaps and crevices of your inadequacies with the jagged pieces of his own.

Remember that it is always easier to lay blame at the door of another person but it takes courage to address your own shortcomings. Even if you’re not entirely to blame, remember the importance of fighting for the things you really want, because one fine day, you might need someone to fight for you.

When things get ugly, remember the beauty that sparked it all. Youthful arrogance might delude you into thinking the best of yourself, but don’t forget that moment, however fleeting when it meant everything for that someone to accept the worst of you before seeing the best in you. 

When the slopes get too slippery, and holding on hurts, remember that the last peak is always the steepest. When the going gets tough and you’d like nothing better than drowning your sorrows in cocktails and wasteful indulgence, remember that it takes a cocktail of tugging and letting go to make it work. And right before you light the last fire to start burning those bridges, remember why you built them in the first place.


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