Thursday, June 13, 2013

Even when it hurts

This walk You’ve destined for me,
May not be the easiest of things
But I’ve learnt not to always ask for the easy ones
Because true sweetness can only be savoured if bitterness is first cringed at

Thank You,
For the days when I feel alone,
Because that is how I’m reminded
Of the beauty of never being lonely 
When You choose to reside in my heart

Thank You,
For the pain and heartaches
Because only then do I get the salve of your compassion
When Your touch heals me where it hurts

Thank You
For the tricky slopes of life
The high cliffs and low valleys
Because only then do I get to experience
how awesome it is to have You fight my battles

Thank You
For loss no matter how insufferable at the moment
Because only then am I reminded
That eternity is not what my mortal mind conceives
But eternity,
Is the everlasting fabric of Your perfect design.
The grace of which You wish to clothe me in,
And the emblem of which I am to carry.

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