Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Road Not Taken

Letter to self :

So the road diverges, and without a clear signboard, you’re confused and conflicted. Torn between two wants, stuck between a hard place and a burning desire. Right now you’re wondering about the things you should have done, must do, have to do, are expected to do. So many lists, so many things, so many expectations.

Somewhere out there, there are these people who need you. The thing is, you know this, even acknowledge their need for the many yous, but you don't yet acknowledge how much you need them. They may have little, but so much to give. They may not have learnt a lot, but you have a world to learn from them.

You’ve allowed yourself to sink into that dangerous abyss full of cushy indifference, easy excuses and recycled thoughts. You’ve allowed yourself to forget how alive you felt every time you pushed yourself past that barrier of Feeling Uncomfortable.

You ask everyone for the answer, but how is someone else going to tell you how your heart beats a little faster at that memory. How can anyone tell you the melody of your song, unlock the secrets of your dreams. Why are you looking outside for answers that only lie within. Deep down, there is this voice willing for you to listen. Listen, just listen. Then take the road less traveled by. 

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