Thursday, December 03, 2009

Uh oh

It's time to stop dreaming of beaches and pina coladas and bring out the study mat instead ... Schedule's gonna be so tight these few weeks.

4th Dec (Fri i.e TOMORROW!!) - Advanced Design of Manufacturing Systems test. NOT PREPARED. Formulas are the bane of my existence !

5th Dec (Sat) - Go watch The Bro a.k.a Dino perform. He has a 'gig' at Wangsa Walk in conjunction with Aids Day. So i begged ordered him to let me tag along. Powers of persuasion .. heh

6th Dec (Sun) - MPO .. again! This time it's "French Romantics". And they're gonna have a cello solo. Whee... cellists are sexy :P Dragging The Boy there again... Sorry baby ...

10th Dec (Thurs) - Advanced Engineering Materials assignment deadline. Quality Engineering test. ( This. Is. A. Ticking. Time-Bomb. T.T)

11th Dec (Fri) - Speed back to Ipoh to get passport done. *yawn*

12th Dec (Sat) - Rush back to KL to lend some sibling support to Dino for Unplugged - The Battle of the Bands ... *or something..I'm bad with names :( *

14th Dec (Mon) - FYP thesis submission <---- I'm so dead so dead so dead :(

But there's always a rainbow after the rain so

Today's Smile-Inducer : Junk Food! How can I survive without my staple study companions.. Mister Potato, and Miss Chachos ..

P.s : I'm aware the ratio of fun vs. work is kinda out of proportion.. but ratios notwithstanding ....Wish me luck! *crosses fingers*


Elin said...

Wei ....well balance ....all work and no play make Jo a dull gal...go and have fun....make you healthier and good for your brains :p Enjoy yourself with the boy on Saturday MPO. sexy wish I had the chance to go and watch :( you lucky gal :))

Anonymous said...

Laughter is the best medicine...and smile and the whole world will smile with you!

Just dropping by to say hi...and tnx for visiting my blog. I've linked you on my blogroll...

Joanna said...

Elin : hehehe ... envy me you shall.. muahaha :P

Suituapui : Thanks for dropping by! And i've added you to my blogroll too :)