Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just me

The crowd swelled around me , swirling and swishing in a kaleidoscope of colours, forms, emotions, thoughts. Swallowing me whole, I welcomed its cloak of anonymity. Lovers brushed past, two bodies stuck in a single soul, oblivious to the surroundings. There were tourists, cameras at the ready to put into tangible form what the mind would always remember. Little children zoomed past my ankles, dervishes in a blur of colourful dresses and quick feet.

It is at times like these that the anonymity of being in a crowd seduces me. In this sea of strangers, there exists no expectations, only a rare sort of acceptance. For in that one instant, I can cease being the diligent student, the girlfriend, the dutiful daughter, the listening ears and supporting shoulders. For one indulgent, selfish moment, I get to be me.

If you haven't really tried anything .. how can you say nothing works?


smallkucing said...

Everyone needs a little time away~
I hear them say~
Far away~
From each other ~....

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Joanna, I love your stylish eloquence. I guess you read a lot, huh?
You would make a good journalist, something like 'Home and living' or' Life's like that', ha ha.
Study hard Joanna, the World is waiting for your footprints.

By the way, ever thought of doing your P.hd or Masters in Canada? Ha ha.
Have a great weekend, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Toothfairy said...

your writing is really good! and so true... sometimes you have to be too many things, and sometimes you just need a little moment, to be you and give up.


SJ said...

like the way you write

A smile from SJ =)

conan_cat said...

aww, gotta love your writing! :D and yes, i think sometimes it is great to just let everything go, drop all the roles and all the thoughts, and just be yourself, totally yourself.

i sometimes go out and have a walk around the malls or watch movies alone, away from the computer, away from the phone. i guess that makes me feel free. :)

owl_order said...

nice food for thought!

Elin said...

I will definitely encourage you to take another degree in Journalism after your engineering degree! Go after your heart darling :))) I love reading every post of yours! Keep blogging...I am your No1 fan:)

Joanna said...

Kathy : Yup, we all definitely need that time away. Keeps us sane :)

Uncle Lee : Wow, thanks! You flatter me too much :) Hmm,I'm still concentrating on finishing up my degree in UK,and after that I'm keeping my options open... studying in Canada..definitely an option :)

Toothfairy : aw thanks :) It's great finding the time to be yourself :)

SJ : hehe, thanks!

conan_cat : It sure is liberating isn't it? somehow, I think your best 'date' could be yourself :)

WenQi : Yum yumz? :P

Elin : Awwww ... thanks so much for the support. Means lots :)

ladyviral said...

We have to try no matter... we will know if we can or not. as long as it isn't anything bad, we need to try :).

cleffairy said...

If you're good in writing, never ever take up journalism. LOL. Why? I've been there, and they made me HATE writing up to one point! LOL.

Joanna said...

LadyViral: Yeap, we definitely need to try. :)

Cleffairy : LOL! Advice noted. Journalism ... ah..kinda hard for me to say.Don't think I'd appreciate being told what to write and what not to. Would kinda be like a writing robot then. My words, someone else's thoughts..bleh.

prashant said...

Study hard Joanna, the World is waiting for your footprints.

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