Friday, December 04, 2009

Call me cynical

Le sigh. Read this.

Sports legend, golf extraordinaire aside, I used to have respect for the man... now I have zero. Sometimes I wonder if it's really that hard for some men to think with their brains instead of to be lead off by their basal needs. Why isn't ONE ever enough, do they really need to sample everything on the buffet banquet? Sheesh, a little fidelity never killed anyone, maybe this one should get some... if only to be spared from $300 million lessons.


smallkucing said...

Each to his own poison

cleffairy said...

Hello there, my first visit here. =D And my take on your entry is:

Men...they wouldn't be called men if they think with their groins instead of their brain. Pissed me off every time!

Joanna said...

Kathy : Haha .. as long as the poison doesn't kill anyone else :)

Cleffairy : Welcome! Gah, don't even get me started on what I think of the clueless idiots who fail at figuring out organ prioritization..

Anonymous said...

AHEM~ *starts defending the men*

We men have the idea to share our love to all the gals out there as it would be too selfish and cruel for us to focus it with one person only.
Our motto : Sharing is caring

Joanna said...

Anon : there's a twist to the Christmas spirit of giving.. sharing heartache isn't exactly my idea of caring though. But that's just me .. anyway, to each his own :)

Anonymous said...


Lol, KS here.
The same guy who posted the above comment.
That post is something i quoted from my cousin when i asked him why is he still single :P.
But then there was always a saying that as long as the guy knows how to go home it's fine ? xD

Joanna said...

KS : Haha... i kinda guessed that would be you :P

Going back home aint a prob with me ... as long as the chap's willing to go home to a frying pan, skillet and a broken skull for breakfast :D