Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Flattered, Honoured, Speechless

Today's Smile-Inducer : So urm, I got an award! Now, I’ve been hearing about people getting Best Blog Awards but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would someday get one...There are no words to describe how honoured I feel that Kathy a.k.a Mamarazzi of SmallKucing thinks I’m worthy of this award. Thank you so much ! Oh boy, now there’s the pressure to live up to it … haha

Oh, and the rules are :

1] Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.

[2] Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great!

So here’s my list of the blogs that I visit, browse and finally leave feeling awed, inspired, and happy. In no definite order...

  1. Fiona – one of the best girls I’ve had the privilege to know. We go way back
  2. Owl Order – his photography staggers me most times.
  3. Suituapui – I go there for my daily drools and visual meals.
  4. Caring is not only sharing - Love reading about the various escapades around Ipoh town, the food and the travels
  5. Mally – we went to the same kindy, primary and high school. Rode in the same bus for 5 years but NEVER talked. Till I found out about her blog recently. J She grew up to be really gorgeous! Both in and out.
  6. Eza – a lovely girl, die-hard romantic. Reading her blog leaves me feeling oozy, cozy.
  7. Juney June – another classmate recently discovered through the wonder that is the internet. Loved catching up on old times
  8. Cleffairy – tells it as it is. Lovely writing
  9. Jared – The Awesomesauce Times. Need I say more?
  10. Yi Wei – really insightful observations, thoughts and reflections. Reading her humbles me.
  11. Guo Zheng – very deep, very intellectual, very intelligent reflections on daily happenings
  12. Eyeris – I constantly pop by for reviews on books, movies and music. Yum!
  13. Gabriel – A whole ton of interesting stuff. Very devout too
  14. Joash – Spins really heartwarming tales. Future doctor no less !
  15. J2kfm – introduces lovely places to eat in good ole Ipoh .. and everywhere else too

They leave me weak at the knees, in a good way. It’s just too sad that 15 is such a wee number..blogs not listed are by no means lacking greatness. This greedy girl devours anything written with unrestrained glee. =)




Malessa Rz said...

This is so so sweet! :D Yeah, though we never talked doesn't mean we can't talk now right Jo :) Maybe we were from different cliques thats why. But it's never too late to get to know each other. And seriously, I love reading your blog. Your language, how you put words together, I can never beat the way you write them. Mine's more like casual talk :) But yours always gets me like WHOA! I'm amazed honestly and I solute you for that Jo! Keep up the good work. Will continue keeping up with your updates ;) Hugshugs xx

SJ said...

hey congrats

A smile from SJ =)

smallkucing said... found so many ex-schoolmates thru internet. Amazing.

Ya..I do really love your blog :)

Fiona said...

thanks for the award!! you are also one of the few best girls i know...hehe...muaxie muax!!

Joanna said...

Mally : Yeap, never too late to start getting to know each other :) Aw, thanks but I like the way you write. Really honest and fresh. Long-winded moi admires people who can be succinct and sweet. Hugz right back atcha :)

SJ : Thanks ! :)

Kathy : Yup, I somehow found one link and blog hopped my way through the yesteryears :) And thank you for the compliment, I love reading about smallkucing's adventures.

Fiona : So sweet ! Thanks dearie! Muax muax muax back!!

Gabriel said...

man, so nice of you. hehe...thank you very much! I am flattered. hehe..

missvelvetjune said...

mally i totally agree with you.
joanna may love our blogs. but hers is mind blowing.
it made me go WHOA too. i told her that tooo!
and jo,even if we were from the same class we seldom talked is not too late i am sure to start now.
look at mally and me, i hardly talk to her at school and now haha.crazy.
we may have different attitudes and group of friends. but in the end we are just the same.
do keep in touch.
your msgs touched me becuase they show me that somewhere out there, someone does care. i said thank you like a million times di hahaa love you!

Joanna said...

Gabriel : No prob :) Looking forward to read more on ur blog

June : It sure isn't too late to start talking now :) It's SO nice to get in touch with you guys all over again. And aw ...pls don't thank me..I can't do much besides offer a little support :) love love loves to u

suituapui said...

Congrats!!!...And oops!!! Is that me on the list? LOL!!! Glad that you like reading mine too.