Thursday, May 04, 2006

Old sweetness

Those who danced were often thought insane by those who couldn't hear the music. - Angela Monet

Watched 'The Majestic' starring Jim Carrey yesterday night. Till about 12.45 am if I'm not mistaken. Haha, so much for turning over a new leaf. Honestly though, I really wanted to take an early nightcap, but Josh was going "Please, please, please 5 more minutes, 5 more minutes..." Well, '5 minutes' soon turned into 2 and a 1/2 hours. But it was worth every single second of the 150 minutes.

The show mainly revolved around a 50's Hollywood screenwriter (is that what they're called?). Anyway, one day, he got involved in an accident and lost his memory. He ended up in this small town (Lawson) and he was mistaken for somebody's son. Very interesting plot.

Anyways, the show actually made me think of what the good old days would have been like. Bet the air would have been cleaner, less polution, people would have been more gracious, polite, kind, human. When a man's action was driven by pride and honour and not greed and lust. When fast food would have been synonym with poison. We pride ourselves in achieving first class infrastructure, we race to achieve the optimum in excellence and progress, but along the line, we forgot those things that should have been rooted deep in our souls.

We trade in material, worldly possessions in lieu of joy and happiness. We fool ourselves into believing that money, power and recognition is enough to feed our hungry souls. We cajole, cheat, and go to all lengths just to achieve what we think we want, never what 'we need'. Religion becomes our 'spare tyre', never what drives us. We talk so much of the path of righteousness, but don't realise that we've strayed away from it.

It saddens me to think what our ancestors would think of us, what more what God would. Yes, like what I read before once, it's easy to make promises on Sunday in church, but it's hard to keep to them. Easier said than done.

Doctors in the olden days were driven by a passion for healing ailments and a deep compassion for patients. Nowadays, they put their interests before others. I'm not saying that all doctors are like that. But the numbers are rising daily. And it's sad. It's sad that a specialist demands down-payment before he agrees to treat a patient. I mean, life and death isn't something to dally around with. What happened to the oath they made when they first took up the course? I believe that if you don't have what it takes to be something, then you shouldn't even try. Especially when it concerns the matter of life and death. Have they no conscience? Has medicine become a lucrative business instead of a noble one. Doctors are looked upon and often revered, why taint your image? I knew a man once. He refused to seek treatment from doctors and medical practitioners. When asked, he would reply " I do not wish to be 'practiced' upon". I used to think he was quite mad. Now, I think again. The world has witnessed many a miraculous recovery thanks to the world of modern medicine. But usually, few people become witness of the crushing setdowns that these men in white lab coats deliver. Good things are sung praises of, but the ugly ones are swept away. Why do I say all this? It's because I've observed hypocrisy at it's best. Sheeps in wolves' clothing parade amongst us everyday. They hide behind their professions, and lash out at the unsuspecting public. They say respect is earned, but more often than not, it's given to the wrong person. People who do NOTHING to earn it. Yes, I respect doctors. But not those who sit behind desks all day, who are condescending, who think they're God because they 'heal' people. No, they don't heal people. It's the medicine created by pharmacologists and biomedics, real people who research and spend hours to find cure. I respect those mission doctors who go to Africa, war-torn countries, poverty-stricken countries. These are the unsung heroes who deserve more credit than they get. Many put their lives at stake just to save another. And they do it for the survival of mankind. Their lives are far from being beds of roses but the legacy they leave behind will surely smell sweeter than any rose.

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Maverick said...

Well, it's disheartening to see so many students nowadays going into medicine just because of the profits. They don't realize it takes more than a love of money to pull them through the years working hard to become doctors and carry that revered title.

I have seen my fair share of bad doctors (one of which actually poisoned me with his medicine, making me even sicker than before), and I think it's quite sad that our values are deteriorating steadily as time passes.

But there is still hope. So long as there are people like you out there, we can try to re-instill our children with the traditions of our forefathers. :)

~verus rara avis~