Sunday, May 07, 2006

'New' hair and new 'eyes'

Can't think of a relevant quote besides 'Hair is a woman's 'crowning glory' and eyes are the windows to the soul......shucks.....

I got a haircut today. Well, not much of a haircut actually. Just a little trim. Asked mumsie to cut my hair for me. You see, I have a thing against going to a proper hairstylist/hairdresser/whatever they're called..The last one I had the ill fortune of going to almost snipped my ears off. And they usually have super sharp nails and they love to scrape their nails through your scalp. And they almost ALWAYS give you a wrong haircut and blame it on you. Anyway, I don't look much different now. Mum was supposed to layer it for me, but she said she didn't dare cut too much of it off. Seriously though, I hate sitting still for too long, while someone fusses over your hair. It's just a waste of time. Not that I'm short of any....but..Well, I get bored easily. And I usually hurry mum. I'll go.." Ok ok..can long..."every few seconds. Is it any wonder that hairdressers run away from me...haha

But you see, this isn't the worst yet, after I took a shower, I came out and mum went "Eh, the right side's a little longer. Yaaa...much longer...see? see? I told you, you should scrutinise yourself in the mirror....and don't be so impatient" So, being typically me...I stood in front of the mirror, took the offending lock of hair between my fingers, and snip! And I almost screamed ! Only thing, the scream was stuck somewhere in my throat and it only came out as an audible gasp...God...I snipped off tooo much of I look like those crazy pop stars who have equally crazy hairstyles. I mean, I do trim my own fringe but if something goes wrong, I can always pin it up. But my hair....that's another sad case. Gah, whatever's done is done. Now, I'll just bun it up and no one will realise. Hopefully....

And, I made a pair of new glasses today ! Titanium frame ( at least I think that's what the guy said) with glass lenses. Yup, glass lenses. Sigh, apparently, I'm too blind to get super high index plastic lenses. So I'll have to settle for glass ones instead. Holy Moly, my grandma used glass lenses, and they weighed like a tonne ! And they can actually break if i drop them. All I can do is cross my butter-fingers and pray I won't drop them. But at least they'll 'look' thin, since they're super high index and cost like a bomb. The only consolation is, I get to maintain my power ! Yay, no increase * relieved sigh* But ho ho, the examination part of it was funny. I couldn't see properly at first. God knows what the guy there was doing. He was shifting the lenses right and left and going " Clear? Blur? Clear? Blur?". Goodness, I almost got a headache ! And I was gritting my teeth, itching to pound him on the head. But then haha, I couldn't make out what the tiniest letters were so I just went " O, O, O, X ". So, duh, I got the whole row wrong. But the guy said it didn't matter because my eyes were weak. ( I think he said that, cos well, you know how good my Cantonese is) He also said that in real life I wouldn't be reading such tiny letters from that distance anyway, so that's a point. Then, thanks to my kindly mama's suggestion, I had to walk around in those super ugly glasses. You know the kind they make you wear when they're testing your eyesight. They look like some outer-space, alien glasses and weigh so much it's a wonder gravity didn't pull them off my nose and bring them crashing to the ground. Well, I wish they had, because I had to walk around in the shop which at that moment was full of patrons who weren't blind. Much to my chagrin. Anyway, the irritating guy had the gall to grin like a Cheshire cat when I handed the glasses back. Gah ! The idiocy of it power was the same, so why did I have to test walk those glasses. *shakes head*

Then, I had to choose a frame. No mean feat ! There were so many to choose from. Initially I wanted plastic frames but the guy led me to a table full of funky frames in all colours of the rainbow. They were pretty to look at, but too bad I didn't intend to look like a clown or a fashion disaster..I meant, fashion designer, so I asked to look at something else instead. Too bad, everything I picked, the guy would go, ooh, that's nice, but they're heavy, what to do, your power so high. And that went on for so long, I wanted to scream " enough already ! My power's not that high, I haven't even reached 800......yet...besides,you're profiting from my eyes. grrr" In the end, I settled for this MAROON coloured frame. Squarish. Marooon. Light. Maroon. Japan brand. Maroon. Quite thin. Maroon. And I have no idea what I look like in it. Have I said it's Maroon? Sigh, I wanted black, plastic ones. But mum went "Young girl, don't take everything black la, that one's nice, young colour" So...Maroon's a 'young' colour I guess. Ooh, and mum was asking me to 'stop reading so much' and shaking her head so very often. Hehe, then the guy went " I think her eyesight is hereditary. " Ooh, I could have hugged him ! And I found out that my lazy eye was wearing off. Yippee ! No more lazy eye. * hops around gleefully* I'm so going to get contact lenses when I graduate.

Did some last minute shopping again. Bought some more black shirts ( I have a 'predilection' for black ). Black IS beautiful isn't it? Too bad mumsie and pops don't agree. And grandpa's against ANYTHING black. But then again, I wore black on the 2nd day of CNY last year. Had to pair it with a pink skirt, but it was still black ! tee hee. Thing is, people keep giving me pink and mauve and MAROON things. Maybe I look like those girly girl types. Sigh. But, to be polite, I don't wear black when I go visiting because I have relatives who are old and superstitious. And it kinda looks as if I'm ill-bred or obstinate and stubborn (which I am). Ah, but my stubborn streak has put me in many a plight. Now, I may have to go to a proper hairdresser. Maybe not.

Oh, yesterday I saw this really cute pharmacist. Went in to grab some vitamins and there he was ! Haha, he really was cute ! Like a bunny cute ! (Don't ask)
And before that, I saw this photographer who was let's say, small sized and chipmunk-like. Went in to take some passport sized pictures for college. And his mannerisms were so chipmunk-y! Bustling around the studio and asking me to tilt my head, move to the right ( I alsmot fell off the dumb stool ) move my shoulders, smile, yada yada. So there you go, I'll miss the bunny pharmacist and the chipmunk photographer when I leave....

Alright, this whole post has been a bunch of rubbish. Pardon me, but I better sign out now before I reduce you all to a well of bored tears.

Ciao !


UnNamEd SoURce said...

You should ask for her regular cuts. Heh heh heh..

Don't quote me on that

UnNamed Source due to the sensitive nature of the comment

Fiona said...

You changed your glasses? I want to see it! I hope I can see you again before you go to KL. =)

Joanna said...

unnamed source : Hmm, I have a good hunch on your identity... =P

Fiona : Yup, changed them though I won't be getting them till next week. Hope to see you too. Maybe when I come back...then we can go be the Coffee Bean aunties..haha