Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Experiment : Getting smarter

Alright, this might come as stale news to some. This whole 'inspiration' thing came from reading an article in the papers some time back. The content was mainly about 'tips' on how to get smarter. So, since I was rotting away at home, no doubt giving my brain a semi retirement, I thought " Well, no harm giving it a shot".

The first thing on the list was to brush your teeth with your other hand. Meaning if you're right handed, brush with your left and vice versa. That should have been a piece of cake. So I tried it out that day itself, and it was an eventful occasion. I jabbed myself so many times I lost count, and I almost de-braced myself ( Dr Lim would have a field day hollering his head off at me if I did de-brace myself =P ). And it really is quite hard to brush in circles with your opposite hand. Seriously.

Next, it was suggested that you flick open the dictionary, pick out a few new words and try to use them in your sentences. So off I went, industriously searching for some words. My victim? None other than Josh. So that afternoon when Josh came back home, I greeted him at the door ( something I rarely do ) and tried out my new words on him. He gave me a I-must-have-gone-into-the-wrong-house look, rolled his eyes and said "English please." He then walked past me, as if I were a cumbersome fly. Sigh.

Then, the article suggested to take a shower with your eyes closed. So I did. Till today, I wonder whether I used the right shampoo or the right shower gel. I thought I could rely on my nose, but apparently my nose is only functional when it comes to sniffing out food.

It's also stated that you should eat oily fish at least once a week. Oily fish, what's the definition of oily fish? I'm sure the article didn't mean deep fried fish but I ate that anyway, knowing somewhere along the dim recesses of my mind that I was doing something wrong. hmmm.....

So, there you go. At the end of it, the only thing that smarted were my bruised gums. I don't think I got any smarter in the brain department though. I still take ages to solve a Sudoku puzzle, that is, without cheating. Even if i did cheat, I'd still take a little less than ages.

Note: No toothbrushes or dictionaries were harmed in the course of the experiment.

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