Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The value of laughter

Yesterday is but a vision, tomorrow, a dream. But today well lived makes every yesterday dreams of happiness and every tomorrow dreams of hope.

You were once a part of me, but then I got busy with more 'important' things and I forgot you. I thought I was happy just because I could smile though the smile never really reached my eyes. It was only some time later that I realised how important you were to me. You're the sun in my skies and the rainbow after the rain. So now, I spend more time with you. God gave everyone of us one of you. I wonder how I could have lived without you. Laughter.

I think laughter is that one thing a lot of us underestimate. It's undeniably one of the many things we take for granted. What would happen if one day, this world was free of laughter? Wouldn't it be sorely missed? Isn't laughter just the best miracle drug that gives us a natural high? It's that rumble that starts from the stomach, spreads all the way up and sparkles and winks from the eyes.

Alright, so why am I writing about this, you may ask. Frankly, I don't really know. It just struck me that laughter is that one thing that contributes to happiness. I mean have you seen a happy person looking grim and sour and black clouds seem to be hanging around his head? I think the person who laughs the least, needs it the most. They say "smile, like you mean it", but it's hard to laugh and not mean it. So, let's all just laugh and be happy for a while. Be it a jolly ho! ho! ho! like Santa or a rusty cackle, it's our heart singing in joy.

Anyway, Josh just came back home some time back sporting a new haircut. Haha, it seems his unruly curls are just a bit too much to handle. And, it also proves another theory. Teachers are meant to be teachers and not hairdressers or barbers. Right now, he's gone to a real hairdresser to get the mop of his hair chopped off professionally this time. He said he looked like those indigenous people. I thought he looked well, like the masterpiece one gets when you trust a pair of shears in the hands of a deliberately inept 'hairdresser'. He'll be back anytime soon, seems he wants his new hairdo to be about 1mm 'long'. So, I've got to get my ruler ready, hide my smile and hopefully suppress the laughter bound to rise. And oh yeah, do him the liberty of finding him his cap. Ain't I just a 'good' and 'supportive' sister? But shucks, he'll still be Josh, a lighter-headed one no doubt.

On a total change of subject, wouldn't it just be crushing if you told someone 'I Love You' and that person replies "Thank you' ? Maybe that's the fear that's keeping people from telling their loved ones that. But which is worse? Regretting not saying it at all or regretting the answer but not the fact that it's flushed out of your system? Probably that explains why there's this saying "If you love somebody, tell them. You never know what tomorrow brings. " So, if you're reading this now and wondering, yes, I Love You. And please, spare me your gratitude this time. And don't bother being polite and thanking me. ; D

I'm off for my daily dose of daydreaming. Ciao !

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-[NJ]- said...

i see my nickname there. "smile like you mean it". XD. shall visit here more frequent than usual. XD