Sunday, April 09, 2006

That 'little' thing called love

It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all - Anon.

It's the four letter L word. It's the one syllable word that causes butterflies to flutter in stomachs, heartbeats to skip, and pulses to quicken. It's the word that causes tears of joy to flow, washing away sorrows from the heart through the windows of the soul. It's also the word that causes pain and worry inadvertently.

Love at first sight is when a mother beholds her child for the very first time and a lifetime pledge of unflailing love is promised in that one single glance.

Undying love is the fondness that old couple share for each other. From holding their first born child to their first born grandchild, it's the infectious affection that twinkles in their faded eyes.

Sibling love is the one you share with the brother who teases you mercilessly, hides your most prized teddy, and sniggers when he pulls your ponytail loose in a mall, but doesn't hesitate to avenge the first guy to trample over your heart.

Puppy love is the little boy who gave you your first flower in kindergarten.

Incomprehensible love is being Daddy's little girl no matter how old you are. It's when Daddy walks his little girl down the aisle while remembering some time not so long ago when he was walking her to nursery and she was whimpering. This time, it's Daddy who has a suspicious sheen of tears in his eyes.

First love is that heady feeling you get whenever you think of that special person. Of being an eloquent speaker but when you come face to face with that person, your tongue twists into knots and you make an inane fool of yourself, but she laughs and comprehends what you're saying anyway. It's when Cupid chooses to practise his archery skills and you feel the tugging in your heart, the place where his arrow struck a chord.

True love is when you know the receiver isn't Miss or Mister Universe or Superman or Superwoman or she's a clueless cook and he, a hopeless sports fan whereas you know you can't tolerate a bunch of men kicking balls in a field but loving that person anyway. It's finding that quick "goodbye, see you tonight, love" note on the fridge in the morning, holding hands while watching the evening news or finding fulfilment in sitting sprawled on the floor doing jigsaw puzzles and finding that the best pastime of all. It's accepting someone as a whole, flaws, imperfections, cutesy antics and all.

Lost love are those cherished memories that will always be tucked in some corner of your heart. In never regretting anything, but taking it all as a sweet, surreal experience.

That's when I love you by Aslyn
When you have to look away
When you dont have much to say
Thats when I love youI love you,
just that way
To hear you stumble when you speak
Or see you walk with two left feet
Thats when I love youI love you, endlessly
And when your mad cuz you lost a game
Forget Im waiting in the rain
Baby i love you,I love you anyway
Heres my promise made tonight
You can count "on" me for life
Thats when i love you
When nothing you do can change my mind
The more I learn,
The more I love
The more my heart cant get enough
Thats when I love you,
WhenI love you no matter what
So when you turn to hide your eyes
Cause the movie it made you cry
Thats when I love you
I love you a little more each time
And when you cant quite match your clothes
Or when you laugh at your own jokes
Thats when I love youI love you,
more than youll know
And when you forget that we had a date
Or that look that you get when you show up late
Baby I love you, I love you anyway
I fell in love with this song. It's so down to earth. It's not those songs of undying love and of hearts that will go on forever. Yet, it's one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard. It's cute and endearing. In a few simple yet lyrical verses coupled with beautiful melodies, this song epitomises the true meaning of that 'little' thing called love.


Maverick said...

Ahh, love. The very mention of the word stirs up grand images of happiness, rarely the sadness that usually accompanies the shattering of a beautiful dream.

Interesting to read the differences between the various kinds of love in this world. I especially like the part about first love, reminds me of mine very much (no matter how horribly it went); although I have my own theories, however. Maybe one day I'll put them up on my blog. ;)

~verus rara avis~

Fiona said...

haha..i've had puppy love when i was 6:)