Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Memories, imprints and footprints

Memories are the mind's photo album that reminds you of the little nooks and corners of your heart that you may have forgotten to remember - Joanna

I was pondering about certain things today. If all goes well, I'll be leaving soon for college. Leaving the things I love, cherish and am familiar with behind while I embark on this new journey. I shall miss all the things which were an integral part of my life. I shall miss the familiar faces and places I hold dear to my heart. It was then that I wondered, what will I be missed for? Will I even be missed? They say it's important to leave a lasting impression on your future employer or someone you want to well, impress... but I think it's also important to be a lasting memory and be an imprint in the hearts of those who matter. Thomas Edison is the reason why you're able to read this and see things in the dark, Einstein will be remembered for his genius, Colonel Sanders will come to mind whenever we think of KFC, Newton told us why we don't float around instead of walk, but what will people think of when they think of me?

I may never know the answer to that, but, I certainly remember the many things that mattered enough because the people who created those memories mattered to me, those who had visited my heart, decorated it and signed my guestbook. So,

Do you remember when I used to come home and subject you to the torture of listening to my childish chatter? From what I ate to what I did in school, I'd give you a lengthy dissertation of my day.

Do you remember the times we'd play silly games in the car and laugh at our own silly jokes? We used to have 'Queen's' and 'King's' day and whoever was 'coronated' got to pick the tv channels.

Do you remember the time when we used to go by the name 'The Three Musketeers'? One for all and all for one. One musketeer's gone to become a heroine (wirawati) while the other two are waiting to be rescued from boredom.

Do you remember the big family of sisters we had? In the name of sisterhood, we had a family 'portrait' drawn with all the 'sisters' labeled.

Do you remember the little terrors we were ? Trampling around our class's mini garden, creating our own herbal medicines? The times we snuck out of class because Art was too boring to us? We were already 'artistically' making flower cups out of leaves.

Do you remember the secret handwriting we had? It's unbelievable how after 6 years, every alphabet's still fresh in my memory. I know you remember too ! *wink*

Do you remember going to the library every recess time so that we could borrow books? You would read those mystery stories and finish them within a day while I looked on in amazement.

Do you remember the 'sei tai tin wong' ? I never knew what that means but I'm sure it's something good since it was such a blessing to be a part of it. Oh ya, and the 'dinner' Pn. Chan was supposed to give us.

Do you remember those times when my brother would be me and I be him on the phone because we used to sound so alike.

Do you remember the times when we would yak away as if there was no tomorrow? It's amazing how we never run out of things to talk about.

Do you remember the 'ghosts' we thought resided in out school? The times we ran from the toilet and shushed each other every time we went to the bookshop because it was near the graveyard?

Do you remember eating sweets in class and painting our nails although we knew very well how wrong we were. I still can't believe we did it.

Do you remember pretending we were studying and paying rapt attention when we were actually passing notes under the desk or else sleeping ?

Do you remember telling me I'll never get over 'it' and instead of crying I burst out laughing? Your frankness always gets the better of me. Maybe a little insanity rubbed off on me.

Do you remember the times when we would sit down and talk about love? If it even exists and what would happen if your heart got broken? I'll always be there for you and I hope you'll be there for me too. We'll be the glue mending each other's heart and with a sprinkle of friendship and star dust, the crack will seal and heal.

Do you remember laughing at witty quotes and staying up late to crap?

Do you remember all that and more? I do and always will. You have left imprints in my mind and footprints all over my heart. Pictures may fade away, but memories never will. They, last forever. And no matter how far away from each other we may be, the distance between us will never be enough to distant you from my thoughts and my heart.

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-[NJ]- said...

you forgot bout Tim Berners-Lee! haha. the man who invented the world wide web.