Sunday, April 02, 2006

Inserts witty title here

Today's one of those slow Sundays. I can't believe I've been up and running for so long and it's only 1.30pm. Anyway, I was eating my toast this morning and as usual, I let my brain whirl off as it liked. Oddly enough, I found myself pondering about the queer things I do. Things that appeared normal to me, but which Josh says could buy me the golden ticket into that exclusive instituition in Tanjung Rambutan, meant especially for those with excellent mental conditions..

  • I can't do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking has become second nature to me. I get restless really fast. By that I mean, that I can't sit still in a place longer than a few minutes. Even while I'm typing this, there's a book on my lap, the radio is blasting off songs and I'm chatting to a couple of people while simultaneously surfing the net.
  • I can't just eat. I need to read something while I eat. Be it the day's paper, a magazine, a novel and yes, crazily, while I was still in school, my textbooks ! Biology and Chemistry being my favourites. Not because I 'adore' them, most of the time so that I get more than one thing done at once. I find eating a waste of time and I think it's lonesome to sit down to a meal alone. Hence, I literally force someone to accompany me. My bro being the victim most often.
  • I linger unhealthyly over my food. Sometimes I get so engrosssed in something I spend hours over a meal. Much to my mother's chagrin. Besides, I don't like mixing the vege with the rice. It's weird how I partition my food on my plate. Methodically really.
  • I can't just lie in bed doing nothing other than staring at the ceiling. I only go to bed when I'm too tired. I've been known to stay up till the wee hours of the morning simply because I couldn't sleep and I couldn't be bothered to try. I'll just sit up, grab a mag and glumly envy my brother's ability to just fall asleep just like that. Or I'll pace up and down my room, punch my pillows, drink lots and lots of water, make constant trips to the bathroom, then go back to my bed to sit and mull.
  • I talk to myself. Haha, not the maniacal, nonsensical babbling kind of talk. But sometimes, when I need someone to talk to and nobody's there, I turn to myself. I've had a history of talk partners. From my dog, the goldfish I once had (goldfishes have such short memories, I bet he couldn't remember a thing) to my teddy and dolls. There are times when I mutter things to myself under my breath which draws raised eyebrows in my direction.
  • I used to think that my dolls and teddy had lives and feelings. I used to think that when I turn my back, they will come to life and gossip among each other.
  • I am intrigued by names. I used to plan names for my kids. (if I ever get them...haha) Odd thing is, I'll never name my kids after those I've already used for my dolls. Which are plenty. eg: Amanda, Alicia, Natasha, Ashley, Emma, Georgie, Kelly...etc.
  • I never liked Barbie. Even at 5, I thought she was a bimbo. I still do. Btw, I have one. Compliments of my grandmother. I found her decapitated body sometime back. I found the head among my 'masak masak' set. Gruesome eh? Her 'luxurious' blonde hair was matted and lack-lustre and if she knew, Barbie would go into a Barbie-fit, spasm and foam at the mouth...
  • I've never had a celebrity idol. I choose to look up to 'real' people. People that had made an impact on humanity. Not just the latest fashion, or how to dress oneself, and drape themselves in fur and take pride in wearing dead animals' skins and parade around in 6 inch heels and try to outdo and outkill each other with their ghastly diets, all the while influencing other innocent,unsuspecting people. The same goes for male celebs. Their frivolous, philandering lifestyles leaves lots to be amused with and little to be impressed. But I do like reading about them. What their latest antics involve and all.
  • I have too much imagination. I'd think of the weirdest things out of normal everyday situations. I used to think that my neighbour was involved in some kind of cult and I always think that all the lifts I ride in are going to free-fall or that somebody may be hijacking the bus and maybe my opposite neighbour was a mafia,with guns and all. Erm..I think u get the idea.
  • I can be very quiet if I choose to be and extremely talkative at other times. I'm a feminist and I don't appreciate it when men belittle women. I'm so not the kind to stand by and let sexists who think that women should be seen but not heard get away with it. It's the 21st century for Pete's sake. Wake up ! I've met many a gentleman, but sadly, I've had the ill-fortune of coming across the above said chauvinists. Under-educated I should say. The next time some idiot has something condescending to say about women, I'll ask him " And your mother is....."
  • I wish upon stars and believe in miracles and angels.
  • I fall in love with characters in books really easily. Reality hits you hard then, but while it lasts, I revel in the escapism of another world. A world where only I hold the key.
  • I love water. Nothing beats it. When I say water, I mean anything to do with it the sea, a pool or just H20. I drink lots and lots of it though sometimes I'm not even thirsty. Oh, and I'm always lazy to take my vitamins. Even the sugary sweet Vitamin C.

Guess that's all I can think of for now. I just ate this weird chee cheong fun which is purportedly famous and well-known. I've still to figure that out.


Maverick said...

I'm already beginning to like you. We share a few things in common, like not being able to just eat, talking to myself, never liked Barbie (D'uh, I'm a guy. I've been conditioned not to like Barbie), too much imagination (to the extent I take a ridiculous idea and extrapolate it light-years into the future), believing in stars, miracles and angels... well, that's already more than a few. Heh.

~verus rara avis~

Joanna said...

lol, how funny. Two of a kind. Oh, wait a minute, someone told me there are 7 ppl who are alike..or something like that.. looks like I've found one..haha. Toast !