Monday, December 31, 2012

Au revoir et bonjour

Dear 2012,

In what seems like the blink of an eye, you're finally coming to a close, and whilst it's been a good year, it's also been a year rife with low dips and high peaks. 

There's been a lot to commemorate this year. As the days weaved in and out, friendships were made and lost, love was found and reinforced, and we grew, oh how we all grew. Through the heartaches interspersed with the little successes, I'm no longer the girl I was at the start of the year. When all's been said and done, there are two important attitudes to have towards life. Gratitude and acceptance. So yes, I'm immensely grateful for all the wonderful, and I'm gradually learning to accept the things that I have no power to change. 

Since we've gotten all sappy and reflective, here are a few snapshots of 2012 

I said yes !!! *deep breaths* ( September 2012 )

Gave my room a facelift 

Splurged on books at a book fair ( this stack grew, but I'm too ashamed to show the full collection *gulps*.. ) 

Got an award 

Christmas 2012  ( my first away from family, but great company salved the homesickness )

In it all, thank you for the many sunsets, many bright mornings and many starlit nights. Cheers, and may 2013 bring about new discoveries, memories and experiences !



Elin Chia said...

Happy New Year to you and many more great things to look forward to in 2013. We miss you much ;) and we ate your share too ;p love you piggy and can't wait for you to be back home!

JoV said...

It's a wonderful year indeed Joanna, hope next year is a better one (especially the big day will be happening in 2013)! Happy new year!

Joanna said...

@ Elin :
I miss you guys too !! And yes, I heard from The Brother and The Father about the eating of my share :( *sulks ... Happy New Year mummy dearest !! Mwah !!

@ JoV :

Yes indeed ! Hahaha, no big day anytime soon, but the year's gonna be great either way ! :) Here's wishing you and all at home a wonderful new year too !

suituapui said... that cow!!! Melissa would love it too, I know. Have a great year ahead!