Saturday, December 01, 2012

Xu Yao Ren Pei

Loneliness. That one untraceable confusion, a mangled mass of unfulfilled desire. It's the monster in the shadows that creeps up behind you when you're alone, and spins silken threads of darkness in the webs of  your desolation. 

We all fight him. Many of us hide in excuses. Unconsciously we seek respite in distraction. Some people work to exhaustion, problems disappear in stacks of paperwork, confusions get buried in datelines and tight schedules, and the monsters are kept away in office cabinets and file drawers. Then there are the risk-takers. The only way to know they're still alive is by pushing past each adrenaline rush, each heady burst of fear a strong reminder of the will to live. There are also the passionate lovers. In order to fill the gap, arms are open wide to all sorts of lovers. A counter-destructive sort of addiction to loss and excuses to stay angry and steep in rebellious bitterness. 

Mind over matter. Before you fight a battle, you have to acknowledge the presence of the enemy. 

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