Friday, March 08, 2013

A Study in Character and Emotion

Meet Anger. Anger has this knack for choosing victims to approach. In a weak moment, he snickers and says 

“ Go ahead. Lash out. It’ll do you good. It feels GOOD doesn’t it ? They hurt you, they annoyed you, you deserve to feel this simmering heat and burn. Hey look, there’s a rock, take it and throw it at this and that person”.  

He nudges Hurt, so Hurt wails and stamps her feet : 

“ Focus on me. It’s really all about me. Look how I’m bleeding. Really, life has been so cruel “. 

Resentment looks on, resolutely stewing in a corner and suddenly Rashness comes sprinting in, a bat in hand screaming 

“ Do it ! Do the damage and be done with it ! “. 

Immaturity comes sauntering in, nodding a vehement encouragement, goading you on 

“ Come on … why don’t you listen ? You're not half the (wo)man I thought you were ! We know what’s best for you. Follow your heart “

You take a step in their direction, Determination cringes in a distance, but suddenly Wisdom lays a gentle firm hand on your shoulder and whispers, listen to Patience. Thankfully, Optimism comes in, and Strength takes your arm, encouraging you to walk away with Courage, and you’ll find that Peace waits a little further on, away from Chaos. 

*** Very often, we find ourselves in situations led by anger, and in a surge of emotion, we react according to the first thing that comes to mind. But like the flip side of a coin, there's always always an alternative reaction, the one that sits away from it all, the one that marks the difference between maturity, and juuuussst getting there. 

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