Sunday, December 02, 2012

Hey you, 

It's definitely been a long while hasn't it? The years have passed, but they've been kind. Definitely kinder than they used to be. There are still those times when I wish I could pick up the phone and send you a text. To rant. To share. To joke. To talk. 

  • You'd be interested to know that we haven't stopped laughing at silly things ( well, mum and I of course ). Thank you for teaching us the insane fun in that. 
  • You'd also be interested to know that we haven't stopped wishing. But we've come to accept that the past is what shapes the present. 
  • You'd shake your head and offer me a handshake if I told you I now wear someone else's ring. Don't worry, I won't be walking down any aisles soon. 

I wish I could tell you these jumbled emotions in coherent sentences and words, but if you can't bottle up emotions, you sure can't ink them accurately either. It's true a lot has changed, but the thing is, you'll always be too young at 32. And always as sweet in our thoughts. 

Much love, 

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Elin Chia said...

Time flies....four years and we still miss him ...I guess he lives in our memories forever !