Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hi all,

So sorry for the lack of updates lately. Things have been chaotic the past week, but hopefully things start looking up this week on. I'm already in Sheffield, and boy is it a beautiful city ! I'm living smack in the middle of the city centre, so its a very advantageous place to be because shops are a stone's throw away, and by shops, I mean BOOKstores mainly, although there are lots of boutiques and eateries scattered everywhere, most of these are things I can hardly afford on a student's budget :) 

I wish I took more pictures, but the weather has been horrid the past week, rainy, cloudy, moody, COLD, so I have a very limited number of pictures for you guys. 

This is so mummy doesn't think I've been starving. I made this the second night I arrived : Broccoli and mushrooms in Bovril. Simple, hot, satisfying ! 

Last night's dinner (or rather the first time *in my life* I cooked! I know, I'm a sad specimen of a female ) Feeling rather 'adventurous', I grilled sausages, fried an egg with lotsa onions and herbs, and my 'main' dish was brussel sprouts and onions in a ratatouille based sauce. Nothing like home but still absolute yums ! 

Sorry about the lousy picture quality, was too hungry to get the camera set up so I just snapped a picture and bon appetit-ed away ! = P

That's about it for today. It's a beautiful Sunday morning, I've just finished with my laundry so it's time to go explore ! See ya !


JoV said...

ahhh.. you are in Sheffield. Welcome to my part of the world, if you are anywhere close to Reading, please give me a ring. I'm sure two Joanna's would have a lot to talk about!

That food really looks yummy, glad to know you got some of your mommy's touch!

smallkucing said...

Happy to hear that you have settle nicely there. Looking forward to more post

Angie's Recipes said...

Glad to know that you like the new place...
You mom didn't know that you can cook..hehe...I guess you just love her food more, so you kept telling her that you didn't know how to look at all the dishes you came up! Yummy!

ICook4Fun said...

Hi Jo, glad that you are adapting well to you new environment. Wow, not bad for cooking for the 1st time. Now your mom don't have to worry so much since you are able to cook :)

reanaclaire said...

hi Joanna, been following your "adventures" and happy to know that you r now settling down to your new place and cooking yummylicious dishes from now on :)

Quinn said...

Jo, it's great to hear you cooking. When I first started living out, my cooking was almost inedible. Back in Malaysia, my mum doesn't cook so I really don't have the right mentor to learn from. Hence, my first dish was horrible, don't wanna remind myself! What you've cooked looks amazing for a sad specimen who has never cooked her entire life. Keep us updated!

Elin said...

Piggy..* hugs * Glad you can cook something nice for yourself and here I was worried that you are not eating properly knowing how good your appetite is :p so all the watching me cook helps afterall :p Buy cod fillets..surely you can well afford them . Better take advantage of the cheap price and enjoy all the cod and white fish. You will love them. Just pan seared them with yummy ! Keep us updated with more pictures...kay :)

One last word here keep warm since it is cold out there. It should be warmer by now :) Love you sweetheart lots.

suituapui said...

Aha! Sheffield! The steel city - I brought home a set of Sheffield knives, 1994...and I'm still using them today. Eeeee...Brussel sprouts! Not my favourite! Hahahahaha!!! Glad you're settling down and eating well there. Take care there, God bless.

Joanna said...

@JoV :
Lol ! If I find myself in Reading I'll be sure to meet up with you ! It'll definitely be interesting having two Joanna's together !! :p

@Kathy :
Thank you ! I'll try to post up as often as possible.

@Angie :
Hello :) Haha, thank you, cooking was a fun and interesting new thing for me :)

@Gertrude :
Haha, yup, mum has finally stopped worrying so much about my 'biscuits and canned food' diet :P

Haha, I'll try to cook as often as I can and post up those that are interesting :P

@Quinn :
I'll most certainly keep you guys updated as much as I possibly can! :) I'm just glad I didn't burn up the kitchen or set anything on fire. Taste wise my cooking's just barely edible actually. Haha

@Mum :
Cod and fish will be the next thing on the menu. Definitely ! Haha.

@STP :
Yup ! It IS the steel city, best place for someone majoring mainly in metallurgy to be in :) Beautiful city, but I guess the whole of England is full of surprises and interesting things :)
P/s : I don't like brussel sprouts either, but these were the only available choice of greens at Tesco where I did my first week of grocery shopping..beggers can't be choosers :(

owl_order said...

what the hell, your first try and it's already mouth watering. should've asked you to cook me something that night i went over lol. jk jk

keep it up! =D

Joanna said...

Wen Qi :
Hahaha. That night when you came over we were cooking chicken curry did I mention that ? Now THAT was truly a knee-weakening, brain-numbing kind of mouth watering :p... I've been here a week and I'm having Malaysian food craving ! How? LOL

dr 1/6 said...

oh, you're in sheffield too? cool!!

everything sounds so lovely =)

all the best with the coming weeks jo!

Cook with Madin said...

Glad you're finally settled. You are a talented chef too, like your mom. I thought the photos looked great.