Monday, June 21, 2010


"I want the pink one !! " followed by an excited little giggle. 
Captivated, I turned around and my breath caught at the sight before me. Blue skies, red brick buildings, adorable little girls, and a splashy jumble of BALLOONS ! 

The city is full of little surprises that come at you when you least expect them to. I remember it was an exceptionally tiring day of lectures and info overload, so I decided to walk through the city center just to get my mind off school. I love the way the city center is always bustling with people, young, old, busy, relaxed. People from all walks of life.

The sky has been sunny this weekend, and as I walked along to the gentle caress of the breeze running its fingers silkily through my hair, Sheffield soaked itself bit by bit into my every pore. 

The pubs here have cute names ! 

This one is the Frog and Parrot ... why those two animals I wonder ... 

The perennial red phone booths make for really sexy photo props ... 

Pigeons here are really used to humans and they don't flit away when you go near ... I like this shot of a live pigeon stomping on a stone sculpture of a bird. 
" Hah ! I'm alive ! I flutter, I poo, what can you do o' ginormous bird creature ?? "

I also made a new friend ! Since he didn't have a name plaque anywhere in sight, I took the liberty of naming him myself ! Say hello to Ryder the Wooden Horse and this is me ... hoping not to break him. 

How can an entry be complete without a picture of yours truly 'reading' =p But oh, it was awesome weather to be out reading today. 

I just want to snuggle in with all these impressions, happy laughter and colours. This weekend has been wonderful in the way of discoveries and sometimes I guess all it takes is looking in the right places. =) 

And before I forget .. Happy Father's Day ! I hope it isn't too late to wish you daddies out there ! 


owl_order said...

finally! pics! whippee!

glad you finally found the chance to shoot! not too shabby photos too!

suituapui said...

Oooo...England, don;t know when I'll ever get to go there again. Love the last photo. You are so elegant...

reanaclaire said...

hi Joanna.. it is like a hollywood studio background.. so quiet and peaceful eh.. i wanna go!!

smallkucing said...

nice and love;y place to suit and read :D

Anonymous said...

oxford house? where is it?hm.. n i had saw de horse start to break edy.

Joanna said...

@Wen Qi :
hahaha ... wheeee pictures ! :P Thank u, thank u, but I still have miles to learn up :)

@STP :
Haha, you might get the chance sooner than you think le .. or go NZ better ... Melissa's there to bring you around, and you can ask her to cook too... :P ... thank you :)

@Reanaclaire :
Haha, it is very peaceful ..but not too quiet with all the kids running around :)

@Kathy :
Yeap ! Lots of people sit here and read ...

@Anon :
Oxford House is on the way to the Sheffield Eye/Wheel. Small little garden hidden there. :)

Hahaha ... nevermind .. my new friend doesn't mind sacrificing a few broken planks for me :P

June.Yeoh said...

yes the last pic looks perfect. I read this earlier on, just never had the chance to pendown some words.
would love to see more of you jo :)
it's a waste you're not a writer, you're a very talented girl.

glad to see you warming up to sheffield! i want to go alsooo ;)

Joanna said...

June :
Thanks for dropping me a line dear. Haha, I'll try to take more photos, hopefully there'll be more at the end of the week.

Aw, I know. Maple and some of the rest are here too ... :(

smallkucing said...

Just saw your mom's post

Happy Birthday , Joanna :D

Joanna said...

Kathy : thank you :)