Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update Numero Uno

First off, I've taken the last post off because I think I need to learn how to keep my thoughts to myself at times but I deeply value the comments and thoughts that you left for me. :) 

The sun is starting to peek out from under its slumberous state here in Sheffield. I guess this year Mr Solar decided to sleep in a little, and feeling in a generous mood, I say the guy deserves a break after a few billion years of being at it. Breaks aside, the sky is finally BLUE again ! Just the way we were thought way back in Kindergarten ! 

Strictly for illustration purposes, the sky turned from this : 

(There's just something so ... mysteriously romantic about the grey, overcast sky though ... like an eccentric, moody artist given to spurts of genius and sexily frustrated tantrums .. wokay, I'm not making much sense am I? ... moving on ! )

to THIS : 

* the person behind the lens duly apologizes for injustice done to the breathtaking awesomeness of this particular setting and solemnly promises to learn how to take better photos in the future *

Soo.. what this means is that now there will be more chances to frolic in the sun, snap more pictures to keep you guys updated and start honing my 'photo taking' skills. :) 

Oh yes ... if I ever need proof that I'm my mother's daughter ... I cooked Fusili Aglio Olio with Cumberland Sausages and juicy Cherry Tomatoes the other day !!The last time I checked I still have all 10 fingers, and 10 toes, I didn't set off any fire alarms, and it's actually edible! All those years of stealing-food-in-the-kitchen, watching mum cook paid off ! At least dying-from-starvation can be taken off the list for now. 


suituapui said...

Oooo...the pasta looks good! Your mum must be beaming with pride.

I love England - go South...Devon - Plymouth, Bath, Land's End...just don't bother to go to Stonehenge, the cities there much nicer than the industrial cities like Sheffield, Liverpool or Birmingham. Or go Scotland if it's not too cold - summer would be great...and the Lake District.

June.Yeoh said...

love the fooood wow jo :)
and the sky ah so dreamy.

Melissa said...

Yum, looks delicious :) Somehow food always tastes better during cold weather ;)

Elin said...

Wow...that looks good...gosh am I not you can take over the apron dear ! Well done

Arthur : Of course I am beaming pride and now we know that she can cook I can hand over my apron to her lo :p

Joanna said...

@STP :
Haha, mum's most parts just surprised that I managed to cook without burning anything down I suppose :P

I shall put those destinations in mind for any trips I intend to go on :)

@ June :
Haha, the sky's nice ain't it ?

@Mally :
It certainly does ! Coz it's so cold all you wanna do is chew chew, swallow swallow and hope it gives you warmth :P:P

@Elin :
Hahaha .. that's it! No more food photos ! :p