Friday, May 28, 2010

Pick me up

Life , some say is a never ending journey , but in my 'young' years on this speck in the universe we call home, I've found that life should best be described as a never ending lesson. One wrought with challenging tasks, lots of homework and chores, unexpected surprises and the occasional reward for good behaviour. 

They say you don't learn how to walk without stumbling, you never really learn how to ride a bike till you've scraped a knee or two (multiple times if your knees have a predilection for gravity) and in a way, you can't really live life to the fullest without realizing that you're dying a little every day (makes time all the more precious). 

The past days have been emotional rollercoaster rides, akin to those little 'classroom challenges' that a creative teacher occasionally conjures to spice things up in an otherwise dreary routine. In the course of this exercise of faith , tenacity and sheer will, I admit to have been felled. God, do grant me the strength to pick myself up again, brush off the bruises and let these fading scars remain my medals for 'things-that-made-me-stronger-at-the-expense-of-sanity'.. Amen 


suituapui said...

Hear! Hear! Life is not life unless you live it!!!

JoV said...

There are many a day I'm like that. Hope you pick yourself up soon. God bless.

owl_order said...

been a while since i last came here, been a little busy over the exams.

enough of my excuses, hope everything's well there. don't hesitate to blabber to me if you need some dumpster to pour your heart out ;-)

Joanna said...

@STP :
aye aye ! :)

@JoV :
I'm all ok now :) Thanks so much and God bless you too

@Wen Qi :
Awww ... I really appreciate you dropping by especially since you've been so busy with your exams and all. I do understand :)

Thank you so much for your support dear friend .. I might just take you up on your offer one day .. heh heh ... you can blabber to me too y'noe , though I understand boys are so much better at not getting hysterically emo :)

June.Yeoh said...

hi jo!
havent seen your updates lately.
i sure wish you are doing fine, all the time. I am sure we all have our moments. It comes and go. Have faith in yourself!

loves :)

Joanna said...

June June, so nice of you to drop by :) I'm doing alright :) Just been a little preoccupied lately. hehe. You take care aite? keep in touch. Love ya !

Shirleen said...

agree with stp.. :D