Monday, May 07, 2007

An Update!

Ah yes, it's the return of the prodigal blogger. For those of you who are entertaining notions that this erratic blogger has somehow dropped off the face of the earth, here's a little update just to keep this blog respirating. :P It's almost a month since the last time I actually blogged anything. Haha, I haven't exactly been busy doing anything substantial and it's now the second week of my sem break. Phew, I'll be starting my second year in less than 3 weeks time. How fast time flies !

I've been up to a few things these past few days. I baked a simple butter cake, slept till the afternoon sun ‘baked’ me up, played a convincing housewifey role of sitting in front of the tv ruining my eyes and retarding my brains with Canto, Korean and English serials, and the crème de la crème of indulgences..…… stuffed myself silly with good ole hometown food while watching my imaginary diet sprout wings and take off for Neverland. Thank God my recent orthodontic trip put a minute stop to this gastronomical indulgences and my choices of food are now limited to mushy soft dishes which are pretty nasty to the tastebuds but friendly to the waistline.

On to another topic, was having lunch with Daddy Mummy Chia, and Baby Chia in some coffeeshop which was supposed to have the best chicken rice and curry noodles yesterday when the baby at the table next to ours started wailing at the top of her tiny voicebox. Now, babies are adorable little creatures when all they do is giggle and scamper about angelically but the moment they start wailing…whoa! Gone is the innocent little angel and in place comes this little red faced banshee with Napolean’s iron-willed determination to get whatever his or her pretty little mind wants. They thrash their legs about in the air and cling pathetically to the first available surface and refuse to budge, all so they can ‘punish’ mummy and daddy for not fulfilling their wants. Anyway, while watching the above-mentioned feisty kid, I was wondering whether I was ever that obnoxious as a kid myself. Wonder what my parents did… Are all kids born that way? Haha

I’ve been ogling at pretty candies on the net. I have a soft spot for candies and packaging. I’m more drawn to the colours and shapes than the taste itself. I’m famed for getting lotsa candies of different flavours and then depositing the whole lot of them onto other people. For those of you who are interested, you might wanna check this out.

With that, I'm gonna nurse my sugar deprived soul with some chocs. Au revoir!


Anonymous said...

Two Words ... sai meng...

Mom said...

Pigcess...nice it :)




Enjoy your hols to the sem 'SLOG' will be your theme... :)

It's my pleasure to pamper my Pigcess and Joshie... <3<3<3

You are great as a baby and now you are even greater at 18 and I are blessed to have you ... our sweet angelic Pigcess. So that answered your question whether you were obnoxious when young.

You are still attracted to candies... saw two lollipops in the fridge...guess must be yours.. ;)

Joanna said...

anon: sai meng? haha

mom: Gosh, next thing on the agenda will be changing my blog address.......... =_="

mom said...

Haha...well you sleep talk everynite.