Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Aimless wants

I had a pretty busy day today. By busy I mean a day full of classes, ending with a whopping maths test. And to top it all off, my hands were shaking throughout the friggin test. Well, nerves did play a part in it since I suddenly forgot simply things, but then the majority of the shakiness came from inadequate food. Haha, but then again, that would be my fault too. I do hope I did okay in it.

Anyway, I’ve been telling people that I want a puppy. Well it’s true. This blogger yearns for a silly, clumsy, goofy ball of fluff to pamper, spoil and cuddle. I miss having a puppy at home. Not that I don’t have any affection for my rojak-ed Alsation at home, (to soothe his ego we always refer to him as a German Shepard but in truth I doubt he is one, he has a really feminine face) But nonetheless, the clown looks ferocious on the outside but he really is a goon to the family. And a bribe-able sport too.

On to another topic. These days my arms are so tanned that if you compare them to erm…other parts of me, I look as if I’ve had an arm transplant and someone else’s arms had been sewn to my sockets. Yikes! For the life of me I have not an iota of an idea how I got so tanned. It’s not as if I’ve been spending my days soaking up the sun in the Bahamas or some other Caribbean dream island. Truth is I’ve been hiding under the umbrella as if my very life depends on the shade. Haha

Alright, my inane-o-meter says I’ve reached the maximum mark so I’m gonna log off now. Tata!


zhen yuan said...

Awesome posts, keep it up. I'd be a frequent reader =)

p.s. never could've occurred to me that you were offered and never accepted the offer I've accepted, well have a great day!

Joanna said...

Zhen Yuan: gee thanks for dropping by! Haha, yeap, that offer was wayyyy back then. Glad I didn't take it up though. Life would have turned out really differently!