Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Of ice and exactly that order...

First off, I'm sorry for always being 'Missing in Action' these days. For those of you kind people who are still sticking around this blog for updates, thank you, and here's one for you. =P

You know how when someone gets bruises, then you put ice on the bruises? Well, me being the clumsy oaf that I am, had to reverse it. Ice first, then bruises. If you haven't figured out yet, I went skating yesterday. Was something impromptu since classes were canceled and we had a big chunk of the whole day off. Our last class ended at 1pm and so we grabbed some lunch and zoomed off to Sunway. The whole journey would have not taken so long if we hadn't had to wait so long for the bus to come. How ironic that the name of that particular bus company is 'Rapid'.

Anyway, we went there in blissful oblivion that it was now the school holidays, so besides having to pay more, we had to share the rink with the holiday crowd. Now, I know close to nothing about skating, I mean, I'm the girl who literally trips over her own feet...skating? Laughable. But then, it's a new year and I've made resolutions to be different and more daring so I thought, heck, I'd give it a shot. I mean how hard could walking on ice be ya?

Oh man,! The moment I stepped into the rink, my feet refused to listen to my brain with wanton abundance. I had to grab on to the side bar and hang on for dear life. Dear me, it's like being in a whole world where friction ceases to exist and you find your feet jelly-ing away ahead of you. The fact that only one friend knew how to skate amongst us didn't help matters at all.

As a conclusion, I traveled halfway across the state, paid pretty good money and spent so much time playing the waiting game just to find out that my legs could be the most stubborn things, fall down, make a mighty fool of myself and whine like a baby after it all. As expected, new skaters would fall down, but then me being me, I couldn't get up after that. And as if falling down not so tenderly on my derriere wasn't bad enough, my friends, being beginners themselves couldn't help me up and I was struggling and falling again and again, consequently, I had to have a 10 year old boy help me up and then telling me in this very adult voice "Next time kneel first!" To add to all that mortification, after I managed to drag myself up, a little girl of about 6 years old tapped me and said "Jie jie, nah" and offered me her hand. Oh Gawd, I so wanted to clobber myself, I just smiled at her, declined, said thank you and prayed fervently to God that I wouldn't fall again.

At the end of the day, I can't say I left empty-handed, I got to take back some interesting souvenirs. I've always said I wanted a tattoo so I guess God decided to grant me my wish since I now have pretty colourful bruises in various places so i can forget about wearing skirts and shorts for the time being. Hah, be careful what you wish for. Something tells me my right arm is going to be rendered useless pretty soon and it hurts to sit without a soft cushion right now.

All in all, given the opportunity, I would do it all again. I'm determined to at least learn how to skate. The next time I go, I'm gonna go with someone who knows how to skate. Then at least I wouldn't have only the side-bar as a consoling friend.

There are more updates coming soon, but I think that's all for now. I need to go lick my wounds. Or salve them. Whichever suits you best. Toodles!

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