Monday, May 14, 2007

A little story

I was bored and inanimate one day, when Bunny came up with a story to fill in the gaping mouth of silence. I've decided to post this story up to share, and to immortalize it in my memory bank. So, here goes

There was once a little boy named Roger. One day he was walking in the forest and he got lost. He walked deeper and deeper. He was tired so he looked for a place to rest. He found a tree and climbed up onto one of the branches. He soon fell asleep. When he woke up, he found himself in a tent, surrounded by little people with pointy ears and funny looking faces.

He asked where is he and asked how to get out. The little weird guy with the pointy ears introducd himself as Kino, and he is now in the Minikin village, he told him they are called Minikins, he told Roger they found him on the tree and it is dangerous coz the Evilflies will catch him if they find him. Roger laughed. He said there are no such things and asked the Minikins how to get out, the Minikins asked him not to leave but he said, nothing can scare me, Evilflies? Never heard of them. The Minikins can do nothing but direct him out. Once outside, Roger was feeling strange, he realized everything was different, no trees but big tall bushes. He walked and walked and then he felt the ground shaking. Suddenly a group of giant ants with black like creatures with wings riding on them was marching towards him, he thought, giant ants? It can’t be, but he was so afraid, he ran.

Then the black creature on the ants spotted him and said to his friends, catch that creature. Roger ran faster and faster but the ants were just too fast. Suddenly Kino the Minikin appear from the ground and called Roger, here boy, Roger ran into the hole in the ground and hid. Roger asked Kino what are those and Kino said the black creature with wings are the Evilflies, they have wings but can’t fly, They are evil and they forced the ants to be their slaves. Kino told Roger that the Evilflies and the Minikins have been enemies for centuries.

At the Minikin village, he learnt how to work with others and made many new friends. Roger told Kino that he didn’t have any friends before he came here. Kino asked why and Roger said it’z coz he was selfish, all he thought about was himself. Roger continued and said that if he really gets back to his world, he will change. Kino smiled ans said good for him.

The night was drawing near. Kino said that the Evilflies are most aggressive at night and will try to destroy the Minikins village. The Minikins were busy setting everything to be prepared if the Miniflies were to attack. That night the Evilflies really did attack and the Minikins were all captured. Including Roger.

Roger was not a Minikin so he was brought to the Evilflies King. He asked Roger what is his origin. Roger told him but the King had never heard of such a thing before. Roger asked why do the Evilflies want to conquer everything? The King answered coz they do it for fun. The King was angry that Roger questioned him and Roger was sent back to the cell with the rest of the slaves.

At the cell not only the slave ants were there but others like the beetles and other creatures were there too. Roger and the Minikins talked to the other creatures and together devised a plan to free everyone. The next morning when the Evilflies came and open the cell to force them into slavery, they rushed out. All the creatures worked together to defeat the Evilflies. Soon they won. Even they Fireflies King was captured. All the creatures were happy and shouted kill the Evilflies. Then Roger and the Minikin persuaded the creatures not to do so but release them in harmony. The King was touched and promised never again to do evil anymore. The Evilflies were released and they never again bully the others but lived in harmony together. Roger was happy but he missed home. One night while Roger was looking up at the stars, he slept. He woke up realizing that he was back on the tree he once was on. It was only a dream. Suddenlly there was a bright light, a voice saying, “Son, you have grown up, never again be selfish but love and care for others” The light went away. Roger knew it was God. Suddenly he saw light and heard his parents’ voice. Back at school, Roger changed and made many good friends. The end.

After all that hardcore criminology, mythology, detective, murder books I've been diligently devouring, this story was so cute I couldn't help smiling. Zooms me back to those days when things were so much simpler. Might not be Pulitzer Prize material to some of you, but then it was one of the best light story I've ever read simply because the gesture itself spoke volumes.... By the way, the entire bulk of the story was sent through SMS. Imagine that. So sweet can? =P

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Get me a I Luv N.Y. T-Shirt when you collect your Pulitzer Prize. Meanwhile, I'm gonna watch Never Ending Story ... again ...