Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children. ~William Makepeace Thackeray

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Today’s a very special day dedicated to……the bane of sleeping late into the day, the superhero who tramples your fears and turns them into putty, the queen of that little kingdom called home, and the star of this day….mummy!

I planned to write a long, lengthy post in accordance with this very special day, but then I find myself at a lost for words. No great post can depict your love and your sacrifices. I admit, I haven’t exactly been the greatest daughter on earth and I have done things to cause you pain, either consciously or inadvertently.

My mother, zany, cool, and I quote, “Forever 21” is the bright spark of my life. My fashion critique who also moonlights as my fashion consultant and fellow shoe lover, who fed me bits of fashion sense together with my daily vitamins. Not many girls would trust their mothers to advice them on fashion but my mother, coupled with my very capable brother, make a perfect team.

At most times, you are my trusty but ‘blur’ partner in crime, insomnia chat partner, who more often than not dozes of midway, my video serial watching comrade, life strategist, fellow impulsive shopper, and the jolly contributor to the delicious murder of my waistline.

No words would be enough to write about your influence in my life, no post will be lengthy enough to picture your sacrifices so here’s a little gesture of mine to show my appreciation to you on this special day. Mother’s Day can be everyday but for once I shall do as everyone else does. This post, is dedicated specially to you.

4 words to describe you – One of a kind
3 words I would like to say to you – I love you
2 words to describe your love – Unchanging forever
One word to describe the bestest person to light up my day..Mummy

Happy Mother’s Day


mom said...

Oooh darlin...thanks for such a wonderful dedication. Melting...

Nay..I am not the bestest mom but I am just " a normal woman who walks with God knows He only asks her to take care of the possible and to trust Him with the impossible "

This is for you.
Maternal love: A miraculous substance which God multiplies as He divides it.

I love you too Pigcess. I pray that I can have may more years with you. Haha dun wan my baby to grow up so fast. Be always '18 ' for me.. :) :P

Joanna said...

haha...need I say more about why my mum is the coolest? hahaha