Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hope restarts

This is the story of a girl who loved and lost
A girl who started out with a feeble heartbeat
and right before they thought all was lost
A pulsing ultrasound and in three insistent beats :
“I’m. Still. Here”

A girl who was taught at the lap of her earliest teachers
That it takes strength to say “I’m sorry”
Learnt through life that it takes humility to say “Please”
and that gratitude, extends further than the last “Thank You”.

A girl who decided not to judge through coloured lenses,
Not realizing that the world
was already too busy painting her shades
that didn’t quite match the colour of her soul

And with eyes wide shut, and heart laid open,
Friendship, was the wine with the best bouquet,
the most delicate of flowers and
the sweetest of fruits

Betrayal may have opened those shut eyes;
shut the open heart
filled the days with the roaring thunder of hurt and confusion

But this is the girl with the feeble heartbeat,
In three insistent beats :
“ Hope. Restarts"
This is the story of a girl who loved and lost
But loved again

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