Tuesday, March 12, 2013


is not the loss of physical sight, 
It is not the inability for your eyes to absorb 
and process colours and images

is the inability to let go
even when holding on leaves scars on the very palms that grip

is the inability to absorb thoughts, 
to see that it has to take white to make a sea of grey,
and that even in the right light, 
the black glitters 

is the rash tongue, 
the unforgiving heart 
and the vengeful spirit

is the stubborn soul
that refuses to be vulnerable, pliant, human

is the inability to see that by not forgiving
and by building a cage for every hurt, pain and injustice, 
you invest so much of yourself 
until every curve, every bar, every sinewy joint of that unyielding prison,
becomes you. 

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