Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inspirational billionaire

When I grow up,
I'd like to be just like Bill Gates
*ignores fact that I've already 'grown up'
Not in terms of financial gains, now that would come in handy ..
but to never forget how important it is to remember others even though you may have reached the very pinnacle of life
and to remember the satisfaction to be gained when hard work , sweat and passion fuels the little dreams to transform into the huge realities of life.

Do read this .

Here's a teaser :

Love his nonchalance .. 

All great people come from humble beginnings ..... =p 


JoV said...

I respected and admired him when he makes his money through Microsoft. Now I idolised him for the cause that he is doing through his and his wife (Melinda and Bill) foundation.

God bless billionaire like him. I suppose if I'm a billionaire, I'll keep 5 million for myself and the rest I am happy to give it away. After all what do I need that much of money for? All I need is books and good friends and family to get by. :)

Perhaps that is just me thinking. Many are driven by greed. Big greed.

Joanna said...

Yes ! And I absolutely adore the fact that he has a packed library in his house. *goes a little green eyed*

And it's true, family, friends and the people who matter in life are the most important ingredients in making life meaningful :) Material gains can't compete with those.