Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Dark

Almost a week ago I woke up in the middle of the night when I heard a loud thud followed by footsteps on my ceiling. This was rapidly followed by the unmistakable sound of someone trying to get into the house through the roof. Alone and afraid, all I had in the form of a weapon was a pair of scissors which I clutched in one hand whilst I prayed for help to arrive fast. It's been 6 days since and my life has taken on a new pattern. I struggle to fall asleep at night, and work harder to stay awake during the day. I'm truly exhausted, but restless. I now sleep with a knife under the bed , perfume sprays in lieu of pepper sprays and a thought out plan for combatting midnight villains. It's ridiculous really, but it sucks to not feel safe in one's own home. 

Recurring nightmares
Half asleep, heart racing , I see phantom faces laced with malicious intent
Reality and imagination blur into a miasma of unease
The tiniest sound makes me jump
Relaxation eludes me as I struggle to fall back to sleep
The dark taunts and jeers as I battle for composure and fight for rest 
The dark claims that little shred of security even as it shrouds me in exhaustion. 

Tonight I need to believe that my Papa in heaven will grant me peace
Surely He who calms the storms and quietens the winds possesses the power to still my fears .. 

For the Lord loves justice, and he will never abandon the godly. He will keep them safe forever
Psalms 37 : 28


Simply Me said...

oh no! nightmares are tiring!! try drinking a glass of warm milk before bed? take care hun =)


dr1/6 said...

it gets better. you gain some new reflexes, you question the sounds in the shadows, but it makes you a more careful person and at least now you sleep 'armed' and wired to spring into self preservation mode.


i hope you get some decent shut eye soon.

p.s: i have that quote printed out and pasted on my bookshelf :)

suituapui said...

Pray...for peace of mind, heart and soul...

Joanna said...

Siew Wei :
Thanks sweetie :) Really appreciate you dropping by !! xoxoxoox

@ Sarah :
LOL. Love your spirit !! Hahaha. And yea ... that quote is permanently stuck on my wall now :)

@ STP :
Amen :)

kaiseng said...

was here!!:P

Anonymous said...

well not many have the privelage to go through that experience :P

Jk jk....hope all iz wellz :)