Thursday, August 05, 2010

When God speaks ...

you step back at the astounding glory of the Lord

I admit to being a faithless Christian.  I'm a scatterbrained child. I panic way too easily. I cry too easily, I get angry fast, I forget equally fast. I'm vulnerable to hurt, I care too much. I get down, I get emotional, I get morose. I've been annoying and irritating.

Was on my regular blog hops ... and suddenly heard this song. It's the ONE song that keeps playing out of the blue when I least expect to stumble upon it ... and every time, I break down ..

Oh ye of little faith !


suituapui said...

Don't worry... After all, we are human but He'll always be there for us. You can read the poem: Footprints in the sand...or listen to Leona Lewis' version of the song. Touching.

smallkucing said... are just human.

Moses leads his people out of the evil crunches and yet the people turn against him when they have a better life.

God never give up on us coz He knows we are just human. He will knock and knock again till we open the door to Him

You dont realise this. Your post is actually God knocking agian. To remind your readers.

Malessa Rz said...

Jo Jo! Is everything alright? Hope it is. We all have flaws, but I am very very sure there is always a very beautiful part of you. You and I know it. Much love from Mally. :) God loves the person that you are. xx

Joanna said...

@STP :
Ah yes, that song. It was co-written by Simon Cowell if I'm not mistaken. Really loved the lyrics the first time I heard it. Comforting

@Kathy :
yeap. I really need to start looking at things differently .. time to grow up :)

@Mally :
Ah, things are ok dear ... just the normal emo-ness due to certain circumstances, but things should iron out with time ... I hope. Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving your thoughts here. Appreciate much !! Much love from me to you :)

cleffairy said...

I lost my way too... I feel angry at the whole world at some point and i shut Him out of my heart, and my life. But slowly, He showed me that He's always there for me. And He came back into my heart without me realizing it.

God never give up on us... so don't give up on Him, okay?

Anonymous said...

coz we are still work in progress:)
like that song too

Anonymous said...

coz we are still work in progress:)
like that song too