Monday, August 30, 2010

Hell hath no fury

At times I loathe being female. It's just such a tiring role to play. Being surrounded by females makes things much more worse.

I don't get a  lot of things in this world. The way people clamour for fame and glory and go through all sorts of despicable ways to attain the duo. 

If you want to use me, fine. That's your prerogative. But I reserve the right to detest you and group you all the way down down there together with the grub and the muck of the earth. Drop off the face of the earth and see if I care ? 

The next time you try to study with a fever, headache and a blocked nose whilst insensitive bastardos pester you for things aimed at attaining their own goals , AND you manage to hold your composure steady - I applaud you and will duly nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize or something. equally noble because it is just not humanly possible. 

The world is going to the dogs. That's the sad fact. Nobody cares about anyone else anymore. 

Screw tact ! It's the cold, bare truth from now on. If you don't make your own effort, don't expect others to clean up the mess you left behind. You and your trail of regrets shall haunt you forevermore....or at least until another idiot comes along to sweep it all up. Rest assured, that person won't be me. Capisce


June.Yeoh said...

i like this post!
it speaks my mind as well.
fortunately, there are still ppl who cares about others. like me and you? :) breathe in deep <3

JoV said...

My philosophy in life is:
if you are nice to me, I'll be extra nice.
But if you are bad to me, I'll be doubly nasty!!

Sometimes it pays to stand up for what you believe in even if you have to throw your tempestous rage at them!!

Good luck Joanna.

smallkucing said...

well said

ladyviral said...

It is when this people need to know better...

You go girl!

Joanna said...

@June :
Aww, I know you care Juney dear ! Thank you so much for your constant dropping by...

I love your philosophy :) Thank you Jo :)

@Kathy :
Thanks :)

@LadyViral :
Haha, indeed they do at times :) Thanks for dropping by

suituapui said...

"I am woman...hear me roar!!!" LOL!!!

Fiona said...

oh jo...!!!!! *hugs*