Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gene pool

Conversations with the father unit ... 

[9:37:51 PM] Billy Chia: macky has tat key
[9:38:06 PM] Billy Chia: macky is the pet name for josh pc
[9:38:23 PM] Billy Chia: nokky is my e61
[9:38:41 PM] Billy Chia: lappy is my toshiba
[9:39:33 PM] Billy Chia: ashpy is the "new" acer
[9:40:08 PM] Billy Chia: yrs lappygirl and nettygirl
[9:41:08 PM] Joanna: wat the ....
[9:41:11 PM] Joanna: lol !

Sigh, and they say it's high time I grew up !! ..... I have the coolest parents :P


smallkucing said...

am lost :p

reanaclaire said...

Your father is so cute! btw, did u see their pics in my blog... your pa's birthday pic.. :)

owl_order said...

lol. your dad's so cool haha. mine stares at me as if i've gone mad if i dared to go as far as crack a joke in front of him.

believe me, i've tried.

Elin said...

Dad is fun... now I know I married the most crazy I know he has a name for each IT things he owns....

Josh's Macbook...he named it Macky
Dad's Nokia E61 ...he named it Nokky
His Toshiba laptop...he named it Lappy
His new Acer notebook...he named it Ashpy
Your Notebook and Netbook he named them lappygirl and nettygirl

gosh ! what else he named...oh ya he named his bolster...what? ohya chumpy....who cares as long as he don't give me a name like old girlie or something or else I will hammer his!

Cheer up girl...your exam will soon be over and you shall look forward to your Euro trip. Take care dear :) Have fun then :)

suituapui said...

LOL!!! So what does he call you? Nappy? Hahahahaha!!!

Joanna said...

Kathy : lol. Dad was naming all his gadgets at home :P

Reanaclaire : Oooh yes yes !! I wanted to leave a comment :P

Wen Qi : Ah yes, my dad's .... one in a mil :P

Elin : Indeed :)

STP : Hahahahaha ! Now, I can't exactly write that out for the world to see can I ? hehe ... those are probably what my dad would categorize under "things to reminisce (embarass the poor girl) on her wedding day or something" hahaha

Fiona said...

sometimes, i do wish my dad was half as funny as yours. hahahaa... too serious is no good!