Friday, May 14, 2010

Pet Peeves


I'm not exactly the most patient person you'll find. I actually get irritated at the slightest things when I'm in one of my 'moods' and that's not something I'm proud of. Perhaps I should learn how to keep my annoyance and temper in check, but at times I just can't seem to get a hold on the eye rolling (it's a knee jerk reaction! ) . I've a few pet peeves, and I'm just going to talk about one today :

People who don't read ! 

I'm not saying this just because I'm a bookworm, and snuggling down with a good book's my idea of heaven. I'm saying this because I just can't stand the attitude of some people who think reading isn't 'cool' enough or they think picking up a book is God forbid, b-o-r-i-n-g ..... and worst of all, when they get dragged into a bookstore, they start to degenerate in age, and show pouty tantrums worse than that of a 3 year old. (believe you me, I've seen grown people lolling around crossed eyed in near boredom induced delirium in bookstores, yawning, making way too much noise, making a spectacle of themselves..)

I just don't understand the complacency that some people have, the acceptance to just go with the flow and not bother to lift a finger or open an eyelid and improve themselves. And worst yet, I can't stand all the name-calling that the 'cooler' kids in school inflict on their oft nerdier bookish counterparts. 

Reading doesn't necessarily mean books, it could be the papers, magazines, even comic books ! There is no reading material that is lesser than another, because if someone actually sat there and penned down his or her thoughts, then I say they're worth a read. I think this boils down to mentality and upbringing. Parents should really take the time to sit down and read to their kids instead of relegating the job to the TV or game consoles ( Don't even get me started on this stupid pen-like technology that reads out to kids when you hover it over words ... ). 

It saddens me that people in foreign countries are always, always having some reading material or other within their reach, and we just sit by complacently in our happy pool of ignorance and care naught for what's happening around us. And then we sit, and we lament our fates (oh, the cheek !) when things go awry. Education, especially self education is perhaps one of the most important factors that we need to hold dear to if we want to succeed in this dog eat dog world. Reading about successful people who have made their mark in this way will illuminate the fact that these are all voracious readers. It's due time the lot of us learn a lesson or two from them. 

I'm not trying to lord it over other people, or be hoity-toity. I just wish for once, that more people would come to understand and experience the wonder of reading and all the joys that it could bring. Anyway, Mother's Day came and went by, and unlike last year, i missed writing a post about it. I did however, bake a cake for mama. 

For those of you who've given me the honour of reading till this last sentence, thank you for bearing with my rants, and be rest assured there will be more coming up if things continue.


Jovenus said...

OMG, it feels like my own rant. Not because we share the same first name. Hear ye, hear ye, I absolutely agree with you on self education. No one can make you learn if you don't aspire to do so.

So keep ranting! :)

Interestingly I am surrounded by friends who don't read much. No wonder I always felt like I'm the odd man out in my own circle.

suituapui said...

I can't stand really blur people like students these days.

I mentioned Michelle Kwan, none of my students (PMR straight As, mind you! Don't play-play!!!)knew who she was. I said a famous ice-skating champ in the Winter Olympics. Asked them where the last one was held and that drew blank! One said she saw on tv...but can't remember the place now. I said Vancouver and asked where that was - blank again!!!

And they don't give a damn as all that will not be in their exams!!! Not at all bothered that they're so S-T-U-P-I-D!!! SIGH!!!

reanaclaire said...

How do u feel now after ranting out? Great, right? esp with that yummylicious piece of cake awaiting just below the post... everything not right seems to be alright now.. :p

Joanna said...

@Jo :
Haha , I also have quite a number of friends who are not as addicted as I am, but at least they don't throw adult tantrums in bookstores ..

@STP :
I guess it's ok not to know in the beginning but as long as there is an initiative to find out more once someone tells you about something. That way you'll always be learning.

@Reanaclaire :
Haha, things do seem better now :)

suituapui said...

That's the trouble - they are not bothered to learn. The other day I asked them the names of the different type of teeth but they did not know as they never studied that, they said. Ok, so in Biology, did they study the parts of a leaf, I asked. Yes, they said. So what is a stomata? SILENCE. Then they said that they could not remember... I rest my case.Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

owl_order said...

haha, yeah malaysians definitely don't read enough. kind of makes me miss ordering my RM0.70 copies of the star every day at TARC. i had something to read everyday (if i finish it i'd reread it again! haha) and i'd always stack them up tidily under my bed before going to bed, so tidily they looked like they're new copies fresh out of the printer and ready for distribution. ah good days.

when it comes to reading and general knowledge, i'm ages behind you. i think my obsession towards wikipedia helped though. and at least i knew where vancouver is haha.

Joanna said...

@STP :
Haha, sometimes the types of friends that you mix with might influence the attitude that you adopt towards studies .. in which case, healthy competition is not so bad sometimes, as long as people do it in the spirit of self improvement and mutual sharing.

@Wen Qi :
Unfortunately, I never subscribed to The Star in college , I chose to read the online version though .. which wasn't as fun as reading the 'hard' copy but it was cheaper :p (I know, I'm kiamsap..)

Hmm ...I read far too many storybooks :P so I think your GK is way better, especially when it comes to gadgets and photography !!

cleffairy said...

*sigh* I'm a bookworm too, and I can't stand my students sometimes. They're all exam oriented and don't know how to enjoy good books. :(

@STP: Mechelle Kwan... the ice skater who played Mulan! I like her. Strong performance and pretty too. :D