Thursday, March 19, 2009

The values we hold dear

A youngster cuts into line in front of me and as disgusted as I am by such attitudes, the phrase 'Survival of the fittest' flashes through my mind. In this modern day, the line between right and wrong fades into a thick blur, evolving into desperate attempts of the human race to survive in these trying times.

Is robbing going to end up being a means to an end instead of a deed looked at with contempt. This girl is seriously confused since many large corporations in fact rob the people in broad daylight, and GET AWAY WITH IT. Take for example the rise and fall of fuel prices, a game played by invisible yet tangible forces. It is funny how the majority of people, being the public who should in fact have a say in these matters end up being mere pawns in a high end game of chess between these forces.

If I were to have children in the future, what then would I teach them? The mere thought sends shudders running up and down my spine. Are we going to teach the next generation to fight back and stand their ground, no matter what it takes? Or should we offer the left cheek when punched in the right? Are we encouraging people to live in a world of grey instead of one where black and white are two distinct exclusive colours?

How long can we walk away from trouble before it morphs into an ugly monster trailing us, making any action a pointless remedy....where have all the values of the past generations diminished to? How much power can we allow the little bit of evil imminent in us all before it overtakes us and the world becomes an ugly place. Maybe global warming would stop being our greatest concern because if these attributes are continually endorsed, we would end up killing each other even before the Arctic melts....

A flower from the garden I captured the other day.
Even intriguing beauty like this is easier to figure out.....


shizuokagourmet said...

Dear Joanna!
Geetings again!
Nice flower!
As a convinced agnostic hedonist, I do follow my own rules, but they might sometimes harder to follow than edicted by religious leadrs.
I don't know what's in for me aftr life and this is not important.
I only believe in "balance": The more good you do, the more you will receive, the more bad you do, the more will be piled on you. Thieves end up stolen, killers end up killed and so on.
When teaching at university or privately, I impose good manners, but keep open to all views and fashions. If I see a great ring on a finger, I say so. If i hear a good piece of music, whatever it is, I say so.
If somebody has a complain, however well-founded, I ty to show the positive side and so on!
my, my, I'm not a saint, far from it! LOL

Joanna said...

Well hello again Robert,

Thank you, the flower is mum's pride and joy. :)
Ah well, I wish I was less fickle minded, THEN I can form my own rules. At the moment I'm still under the influence of 'the monarchy' at home so that can be put on hold. Nobody goes against the Queen *nods*

I am trying to do good in all things,and survive doing so. Some call it 'karma', I like to call it averting the blight of a guilty conscience.