Friday, March 20, 2009

Of arrogance and ignorance

I guess it's safe to say the latest buzz this time of the year would most likely be the American Idol Season 8. I was pretty hyped out when I found out it was Country week this time around. I grew up listening to country music. Mum loved it and my all time favourite song growing up was Grandpa by the Judds. Anyone who knows me well, knows I adore anything country-inspired.

The contestant that ultimately caught and kept my attention was none other than Adam Lambert. Never have I got goosebumps creeping up my spine that way. Never was I so spellbound by any performer that I couldn't tear my gaze away no matter how hard I tried. He sure was enrapturing. In a demonic, satanic kind of way.

I was utterly disgusted! And no, it has nothing to do with the way he wears his hair or his penchant for black nail-polish and kohl. What irked me was his absolute disregard for the theme. Tell me, which part of his rendition of 'Ring of Fire' sounded anything at all like country???

How can one call oneself a musician when you can't even differentiate between different genres of music? Such arrogance and disrespect! Did he think he was really that good to add a Middle Eastern flavour to a song made popular by Johnny Cash, one of the big names of country music. I started playing the piano at 5 and 12 years of classical training followed after that. I'm no Mozart, but I do have a strict sense of structure ingrained in me. The world would be in chaos if people just went around changing things with utter disrespect at their whims and fancy.

What Adam Lambert has proven so far is raw ONE and ONLY ONE genre. Undeniable, the guy has a loud voice, and the moves. But versatility? Week after week after week it's the same old routine, just different lyrics to the same tune.

I rarely tune into mainstream music these days thanks to all the noise that people so loosely call 'music'. Sure, there are some catchy tunes out there.....but whatever happened to the class and elegance attributed to music? They say that music is the heart and mind's reflection of feelings and emotions written out in song. Judging from the lilt, rhythm and lyrics of modern day music only leads me to the conclusion that the modern generation is filled with hate, anger, lust and tastelessness.

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So, coming back to the question.........would you like this to be your idol? Someone to look up to? To revere and emulate? The they say, is yours.


Anonymous said...

Dear Joanna!
Greetings from shizuoka, japan!
I found your blog through Elin's!
Arrogance and ignorance? They often go together!
As an old male geezer, I might be qualified for commenting on your posting!LOL
But, coming from an era when ther was a lot of creation popping around in music, art, cinema, etc. I understand your frutration/anger.
The problem is expecting a lot from a distance can lead to disappointment (the contrary does happen, too!).
Oh well,... (Fleetwood mac, 1967. Ever heard of it? The lyrics are simple but to the point!).
Alright, going to your next post,...

Joanna said...

Hi Robert,
Nice of you to drop by, it's good to find someone to understand this frustration but I guess music's rather like everything else. What's old gets new again with the changing of times. Maybe this time around, I'm the odd one out *wink*

Checked out the song and I kinda like the whole blue-sy rock edge it has. As for the lyrics, I shall refrain from saying lest it's not what I'm supposed to :P