Saturday, March 21, 2009


So here's the deal. Mum started cooking at a very young age. Was it twelve? Well, young anyway. So, in my mother's manual on child raising, a girl has got to learn the ropes around 'kitchen manners' in order to be 'woman'. So, today, after a nice breakfast, we made a pit stop at Tesco to grab some groceries and necessities, in which mum decided to give me a crash course on grocery shopping. Apparently, you're not marketable in the marriage market if you know nuts about marketing *winks*

As the pictures show, I now know how to choose garlics, onions and ginger. Baby steps ladies and gentlemen, baby steps. 

At the checkout counter, mum kept piling and piling and piling stuff onto the conveyor. We tried asking her to stop and wait till it moves before adding more to which she kept replying "one last one..." at least for ten 'last ones'....the result?

She had to hold her product of stubborn-ness to keep them from falling off. 

And to think of the times she admonishes me "I have absolutely NO idea where you got that stubborn streak of yours"....

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Elin said...

Since I am it must be from the other half :P