Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Train thoughts

Hello all, 

I know I've abandoned this blog for way too long but I'm back :) and hopefully to stay :P The following was written in a rickety train so forgive the writer if the thoughts penned are as rickety :)

I'm sitting down writing this in the most unlikely of places, one yet undeniably the best to get my thoughts out. The mechanical to-and-fro rocking of the coach right now prohibits the proper jotting down of thoughts as I valiantly balance  3 bags, a book, my Ipod and handphone whilst juggling the task of penning this down. The guy beside me probably thinks I'm a basket case but I simply had to capture the moment in the only way I do best. Writing. 

I remember when i started this blog I did it to immortalize memories that pass me by. I'm a people watcher, even way back when i was 6 or so in the swimming pool, i'd rather soak and idle away and obviously get screamed at by mum :P 

Now, 15 years down the road, little has changed. The best places to observe and watch people in various phases of life is in the LRTs and other public transportation. There's the little child, hyped up on candy and heightened enthusiasm that only children possess, there's the young professional, serious and confident in facing what is most probably the most crucial part of his career, there's the young mother, complete with her platoon of sticky fingers and quick feet, and then there's always the unmistakable sight of young lovers, so absorbed in a world entirely their own, seduced by the syrupy haze of young love. And then, once in a see something that warms you thoroughly from the inside out. 

There's this elderly couple sitting right across the aisle from me sharing a pack of McD fries. As my own pack of fries sits cold and unloved, my gaze is riveted on this couple for in one slice of eternity it gels as if the world has honed and centred on them, so comfortable in the company of each other as they gaze out at the passing countryside. 

I'm right now battling an inner warring of emotions. The jaded side of me scoffs and in one breath crushes out the secreat yearning of the girl in me. Will I too someday get to experience, understand and appreciate the relationship these people share? The ease at which they slip into each other's thoughts, the love and care still so eminent while they speak in muted tones and the clear ring of muffled laughter as they share a private joke. I'm jarred out of this reverie of mine as the elderly man's phone blares out a melody far too antiquated for the people of my generation..

As I restlessly skip through songs on my Ipod, I can't help but wonder...Will I ever learn how to stay still, enjoy the moment instead of flitting restlessly like the butterfly i'm slowly morphing into.....?


Fiona said...

i love this entry. i shall call it the revival entry which brings this blog back to life. love your writings.

Joanna said...

heyz....just when I thought this pitiful blog of mine has been abandoned. That's great encouragement there :) stay tuned..more coming