Friday, May 10, 2013

She sees the way only a mother can

A tiny beating heart yet unborn,
A body to nourish, a haven to shield
and He created a mother’s womb

Little limbs, unsteady first steps,
For the first time, she lets go of the tiny fists,
You flail, you fall, you turn around in dazed confusion
And she nods “ You’re doing great ! One step at a time now”
Picking yourself up after each stumble becomes your first lesson

Packed lunchbox in hand,
Crayons and pencils in a bag too big,
You cling tightly and scream don’t go
As she pries those little fingers off
She tells you about new friends and fun discoveries
But doesn’t tell you how those finger imprints seared her heart

Tear smudged face, bruised knuckles
“ They called me stupid”
Her heart breaks but she holds you close
And shows you that being brave has nothing to do with upraised fists and hurtful words

Gangly limbs right on the cusp of adulthood
A world crumbling at the edges of confusion
A broken heart and voices that cannot be drowned
In a blur of heartache you lash out an “ I loathe you “
And to closed doors and teenage mutiny she whispers “ I love you still “
Wise words spoken to mend that heart,
even if it means taking a piece of hers to fill the gaps

Bowties and gowns, lace-veiled dreams and hopes,
New rings to seal new vows,
She beams and holds the hand now larger than hers
Her heart screams “ Stay mine “ but she lets go
She sees the tiny beating heart, 
The unsteady steps,
Tear smudged face, bruised knuckles
Gangly limbs
Closed doors and broken hearts
Bowties and gown,
New rings to seal new vows,
She sees the way only a mother can


This is to the mothers
Who vex and nag, and worry and love dearly
This is to the fathers who sometimes become mothers
Brave lone navigators of the sticky path of fussy toddlers and teenage tantrums
This is to the eyes, hands and hearts that care,
not by blood, but because you know that love does not discriminate

Happy Mother’s Day

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Elin Chia said...

Thank you dear and the MD's treat. Love it and looking forward to many more :) Dad loves it too ! hugs and muaxs