Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm sure a lot of you are sick of me going on and on about Venice now but I promise this is the last post on it ... These are some of my favourite pictures 


*sigh sigh*

*sigh sigh sigh *

I have an obsession for doors ... as you will all soon discover ... 

Gondolier ! 

Gondola !! Both equally pleasing to the eye I might add .... 

Cartier ! And I had just come out of a church nearby thus the quick-fix scarf ....  

Golden lights .... so warm and fuzzily romantic 

I love statues ! Whee ! kiss kiss ! 


Elin said...

I wanna go too...Venice, Paris and the chocolate land :p

suituapui said...

Such a lovely place. So romantic... You think you wanna go there again on your honeymoon?

smallkucing said... suppose to go and study or travel ah? lucky u get to travel so many places

Joanna said...

Elin : Hahaha. Next time we go together together k ?

STP : Yes, it IS romantic. Charmingly so. I've always thought beaches were more honeymoon-ish, but yes, it would be lovely to just wander around and get lost in Venice ... Be it honeymoon, fullmoon, halfmoon, you just can't say no to Venice ! It's the Rule ! =p

Kathy : HAHAHAHAHA. All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl ma .... :p :p

owl_order said...

aw such a nice place!

too bad it's one of the dying places =(

Henry Yew said...

I... want... to... go... too! T_T