Friday, November 19, 2010


The little island of Murano is one of intrigue, mystery and subtle wonder. I mentioned going to Venice in the last post. What I left out was that I also had to chance to take a water taxi over to the island of Murano where I was simply spellbound !! I mean, just look at it ! It's vibrant and sassy and colourful and everything about it screams life and joy. 

Murano island is also infamous for its glass. In fact, it's world renowned as a glass paradise. From fragile, intricate trinkets and knick knacks to bold, brazenly attractive ornamental pieces, the glass blowers and craftsmen have it all ! Being typically female, it was the glass jewelry that ultimately caught my eye. It fills you with wonder just looking at the designs that these skilled designers come up with. To say the least, I felt like a little kid in Wonderland. And psst, I got more than a few Murano pendants back as souvenirs. As much as I left little pieces of my heart there, I cherished the opportunity to bring home a little trinket encapsulated with wondrous memories.

Oh yes I definitely fell in love with Murano and the Venetian Lagoon. 

Stay tuned for more :) 


smallkucing said...

the houses there so colourful

Joanna said...

Kathy : YEAP !! Super colourful and pretty