Friday, November 12, 2010

Le Affair

I've been shamelessly stalking,
Skulking and lurking in the shadows,
Plagued with sleepless nights,

Eyes sparkling, 
Fingers itching, 
All senses on alert, 
Is this what they call *gasp* love ? 

Oh, what is it about books that makes my heart race so ?

I guess the thing I miss most is
The euphoria of being surrounded by books, books and more books,
The wild, rampant desire to just possess and possess,
And the unspoken understanding of being in the midst of kindred spirits,
All feeding on the same lust for paper and ink

Oh, my big bad wolf,
I wish and wish that I could huff and puff my way there,
Little piggy or not,
I'm signed, sealed, and delivered
to my fate of being love-bound, smitten and irrevocably obsessed with you ....

I am against using emoticons but this is a HUGE exception
MUMMY I WANNA GO !  ( ohmigosh-i-hope-no-prospective-employer-reads-this!!!!)
T.T .... T.T ..... T.T !!!!!!!!!!!


dr 1/6 said...

oh, jo i feel you so!!

i wish i could teleport back, if only to attend the big bad wolf book sale (and to steal a quick sip of good ol' ipoh old town's hazelnut coffee).

Joanna said...

Sarah : Haha. Hazelnut coffeeee !!! Nothing comes close. Nada! Zilch !