Monday, January 04, 2010

My last, your first

Today's smile inducer : Happy taxi drivers ! You know you're lucky when the moment you hop into a taxi the driver greets you with a cheery 'Good Morning! Where to?' and there's great music playing in the background. The man was positively oozing good cheer, and an orchestral version of Connie Francis's hits was on repeat..feet tapping! Seriously guys, smile ! It IS infectious..

It's the start of the last week of college for me. At the other end of the spectrum, today marks the first day of the new school year for all primary and secondary school students out there.

It's funny how things work out. Having traversed a long, winding road wrought with fear and stress, joy and fun, weighed down by decisions and flying with the heady weightlessness of accomplishments and amassed accolades, I stand close to the end of this leg of my journey and break one of my new year resolutions. I look back.

Plasticine, the smell of baby powder, and the scrape of chalk on board. The feel of newly sharpened pencils, the very grown-up sense of possession - MY bag, MY books, MY school. All the little fragments that make up whole memories.

Today, hundreds of 7 year olds step into the study mobile and start their own journey. As you buckle the shiny new pair of white school shoes, as you familiarize yourself with the comforting weight of schoolbags, and zip up your brand new uniform, I know beneath all that shine and polish, there's the steady buzz of anticipation, of new terrains yet to be explored and unchartered grounds to leave your footprints on. I know no 7 year old would read this but here's a wish from someone 14 years your senior...

A little friendly advice before you head'll find many on this path but when you do..

Catch a falling star
and put it in your pocket
save it for a rainy day


smallkucing said...


Anonymous said...

but but... there are no falling stars !! xD Can u give me one plz if u find any :P :P.

Seeing the pendulum of the clock swinging,
never ending , never stopping,
we are but just passerby of time,
friends are acquittance met on our journey through time,
however how many of these acquittance remains as true friends as the clock keeps on ticking ?

But then i am glad to say that u are my fren Jo ! :P

last week dy everything seems to goes by so fast. i starting to think back to old days...

conan_cat said...

aww, last week of college! i remember my times as well, the last week has always the most reflections going on, and the last party is always the one with most tears and hugs. :)

treasure the friends you have now! and better keep contact with as many as you can, because workplace friends are nowhere as true as friends you make while you're studying :D really!

owl_order said...

i totally agree with this post's smile inducer. happiness can be infectious!

Joanna said...

Anon : a rough guess on who u are...I'm glad you're my fren too :)

conan_cat : ya,i've heard lots of horror stories concerning the working life...scary :(

WenQi : i'm sending lotsa smiles your way :) hope u get infected ... :p

owl_order said...

i think i already am. haha