Sunday, January 10, 2010

In a sentimental mood

Today's Smile-inducer : looking back and realizing the silver lining was there all this while...

So it was the last day of school on Thursday. I'd been planning to write a short post about it,but what caught me offguard was how difficult it was to sum up into mere paragraphs the past 4 years of my life. I find myself plucking at words,weighing the
m,cringing and tossing them out in search of the next best fit.

How does one succinctly put into words the complicated mix and meld of emotions,the whole process of growing up and of self discovery? How does one successfully capture the memories adorning the walls of familiar corridors and immortalize them into black and white scribbles?

I know there's still UK but whilst we're still on this page, here's a shout out to the people who have made college life a lot less dreary. In no particular order...

Kim, for the bedtime stories,conspiratorial whispers in lectures and a shared predilection for juicy...fruit :p. Its been fun trying to forcefeed you jazz :p

Such a blur one...too bad it's the only one with all of em in.. since I rarely lug a cam around :(

KS, for the 'early mornings' and late night ramblings. It's been nice having a fellow insomniac who doesn't hesitate to share gadget talk with a female and who laughs not at my tendency to read weird stuff (at least not to my face :p). Thanks for being a friend in need.

DX, for your head-knocking advice and funny jokes. And for constantly reminding blur ole me of replacement classes and telling me straight out if my hair looks uncombed (ouch! It's fashion! *cough cough*)

Wen Qi... yes you. Technically only got to know you after you left for greener pastures and colder climates :p but it's been fab keeping in touch despite the time zone. Appreciate the fact that I can depend on you when the itch to talk about photography and other cool stuff strikes...

Yeo,my sweet grandpa *hides*. How could I have done it without all the 'pressure' from your previous accomplishments? Kidding..don't kill me just yet. Thanks for being there to stomach my crap.

Dino the bro, for being my dinner delivery boy and my bestest mate on campus :) I've loved hanging out with you in the horrible canteen and gossiping over keropok lekors and crappy taufufa. Oh, the days when older sisters were still considered 'cool' :p

When I first got in, I counted the days before I could get out. Ironically, now that the last step finally looms up, I find myself craving the security of classrooms, close friends and markerpens on whiteboards.

How does one wave goodbye without at least a heavy heart and not so dry eyes?


Elin said...

Hey I gave you the best brother in the world and you never thank me !...hmphf :) See momsie always give you the best. The bestest boy...wait till he hears this! :p Bribe me..can?

Anonymous said...

KS here,
Thank god i'm not in that tenji pic. if not ur mom would be searching for the guy who taught her little gal to become an insomniac ! xD

Ahh 2 more weeks and its the end for erm 4 months then UK c u there k hsemate ? xD

Joanna said...

Elin : abt blatant hinting!! Shhhh...don't talk about bribery in the open like that!! *shifty i know you? :p

KS : hahaha..well, u're in the blur pic!! looked so hard for one where u'll appear. Can't let crime go unpunished y'know :p
Housemate...yay, does that mean I pass the interview for food-poisoning-inducing-cook?? *rubs hands in glee and starts planning 'recipes'

Anonymous said...

Jo: I order u to learn cooking for 3 months ! we will kick u out if the food is not edible ! xD
Hmm actually kicking some1 out sounds quite fun maybe i will see a tent in front of my house
oh yes !

owl_order said...

omg omg i see faces i recognise!!!

haha yeah it's funny... we never really chatted much (in person) when we actually had the chance. i guess what they say is true -- information technology gets better, but we get further away.

TARC wasn't really suitable for me anymore when i left, but i couldn't say it wasn't hard, because it was. but as ms ng foong kee put it, places and people are "passengers of life". i take it life is like travelling in a railway system. some people get off the LRT earlier, some later, but we all have to bid farewell to our fellow passengers at some point to reach our destination, or to change to another train.

the very best of luck in your future endeavours.

Joanna said...

Wenqi : Haha. I love that whole passenger of life thing. Very philosophical *wink*

owl_order said...

heh. as i said it was from ms ng. "passengers of life" were her exact words, i remember that very, very well. she said that to me personally in her office some time in our 2nd year. the LRT thing was my extrapolation based on her words though, just to give an idea.

XD said...

Goodbye. remember oways to comb ur hair.. btw, dun try to poison us by food...