Monday, November 23, 2009

Thinking of you

Watching the X-Men Origins - Wolverine made me think of you. It was one of those moments when thoughts of you waft through my mind, catching me at times I least expect.

Watching your comic heroes battling on screen transported me back to that morning. Sleepy eyed and grumpy I awoke to find you already watching a movie in the room.

“What’s this?”

“X-Men ! … which coconut husk were you from anyway?”

“Well … I happen to have a really …. busy life !”

And that was how you started telling me about the action figures who graced the pages that coloured your childhood.

In your infinite patience for my dozens of interruptions for clarifications, I realized then .. here’s the elder brother I’ve always had.

“Oh my ! He self heals ??!! Coolio! “

“You didn’t know that? “ *chuckles*

If only all things could heal like that. I hope you’re doing fine up there with all your new friends. I know they’ll be special. Just like you and the heroes of your imagination.


Elin said...

Me too....every minute and every secs I think of him too....a son like my very own.

Joanna said...


owl_order said...

dam. i miss my sister.

Joanna said...

Its weird ain't it? how missing someone can be both sweet and torturous at the same time?