Monday, November 02, 2009

Incredulousness !!

Click here for what caught my attention today in The Star.

Clicking on the e-paper often brightens or clouds my day. There was once when I was lazy to read the paper and decided to milk the brother for any interesting on-dits. His reply : "Nothing informative today. Everything's lame and stupid". Being the neurotic person that I am, I thought this a blasphemy of the written word, but it is news like these that make me wonder what the authorities are thinking about these days. And reading what valuable "advice" and information these committee chairmans have to impart often leave me torn between weeping with laughter or chagrin.

I mean, go have premarital trials or something before tying the knot. Just stop wasting ink, paper and time on reports like these. Show the trees some love people !


Zhen Yuan said...

Ahaha.. it's in there just for the lols. For them it's a real marital havoc la =P

owl_order said...

haha i saw that as well. it's plain hilarious! perhaps a late hallowe'en joke? XD

Joanna said...

@zhen yuan :
ooh...then I'm so glad they now spread out the jokes from their preallocated slots in the papers :P

Hilarious ain't it? Haha, halloween indeed !

owl_order said...

lol... your blog has been spammed!!!

reanaclaire said...

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