Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Being Gidon Kremer

The lights dimmed, casting an eerie glow of blue over one and all. Out of the shadows, a low voice boomed

"Just when you thought it was safe,

to go to the concert hall..*eerie chuckle*

in concert ... no one can hear you scream,

but whatever happens, don't fall asleep ...

or you will not survive...

From the producers of The Blairwitch Concert and

I Know What You Heard Last Summer ... "

and with that, 2 hours plus of bewitching entertainment ensued.

A lighthearted toy symphony kicked off the night, with a rubber duck and a warbly stuffed chicken taking up the lead. *what?? You think toys can’t hold a note ? Oh this chicken little could sure bring down the roof I tell ya*

The night then blurred past *way too fast for me* in a colourful swirl of music and laughter punctuated with rapturous applause. Performances to note were the variations on a Nokia theme, Riverdancing Violinists, and the Mafia-esque interrogation of Gidon Kremer. I especially loved the part where Gidon Kremer was tested to resist temptation. There was this particular part where the air just rang with tangible passion. Acts like “The Recording Sketch” on the other hand, were brilliant ways of conveying pressing messages.

The brunette violinists taps the blonde and gestures to her watch. She smiles back and they both get up, walking, playing and just at the exit of the stage, wave back at the audience and smile. At the other end of the stage, the crew starts packing up … oh, there goes the Amazonian cellist , the percussionist packs up, and other members of the orchestra leave, arm in arm and in good cheer.

Igudesman and Joo never failed to impress and tickle with their endless medley of brilliant humour. Gidon Kremer lent a professionally serious air to the show. At the heart of all the light-hearted banter, the undercurrents were strong. Everything progressed around the theme of the lack of appreciation towards classical music especially amongst the younger, more modern set. It was interesting to see the meld and blend of the conservative and the contemporary.

Today's Smile-Inducer : All in all, it was one of the best virgin experiences of watching a live performance ensconced in the grandeur of the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas.


Elin said...

Hi Piggy, I am so glad you enjoyed the concert so much :))

owl_order said...

by the way, you missed an 'i' in the Filharmonik. it reads 'Filharmonk'.

haven't got a chance to experience this yet =(

Joanna said...

@Elin : I'm gladder :P

@Wen Qi : Oops ! Thanks ! :) Aw, you can always go to the ones in UK. Student cards will get you places there! Apparently ... :)

Anonymous said...

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