Tuesday, October 06, 2009

As promised

here's how I spent a large chunk of my holidays. Ah, I miss it already ! I managed to squeeze in some reading between the catching up with family, The Boy, and my brother dear who just has the fanciest most interesting philosophies (though we're often at loggerheads at different points of thought)

I really enjoyed all the books I've read so far, with one being the exception for being too morbid even for my taste.
The Footprints of God is light sci-fi whereby a group of scientists create the ultimate supercomputer meant to be greater than God. An otherwise lukewarm story on artificial intelligence, I really loved the way in which Greg Iles twisted and turned and reflected on the many facets than one issue could have. Read it with an open mind and it'll prove to be truly enjoyable =)

Basically in Alice Sebold's The Almost Moon, the main character smolders her mother to death and thus begins a crazy narration from the first person's POV. Whilst reading this book, I randomly quoted paragraphs from the novel to whoever was 'lucky' enough to be on MSN with me at the time, prompting reactions along the lines of "wth are you reading??! " Guess that speaks volumes about the book =P

Through a Glass, Darkly was an interesting albeit unsatisfying read. I need my murders to be brutal, fast and blood curdling. The book failed on almost all counts in this respite. The saving grace here was the detail to which the author painted the picture of glass making and the picturesque descriptions of the streets of Venice.

This was sci-fi/ fantasy and an absolute blast to read ! With a tagline like "Only the victor gets out alive" how could I have resisted it? 7 competitors from around the galaxy are teleported in to the New York Library and they battle to their deaths in order to beat the contest. With a plot like this, expect to meet aliens at every fast paced, blood chilling page turn. Best five hours I've spent so far.

One of the first Scarpetta novels I've read and suffice to say I don't think I'll ever stop ! =D Patricia Cornwell delivers her promise of really good suspense thrillers served on a platter of emotional turbulences, detailed sleuthwork and of course, grisly murders. I love stories that incorporate both a personal as well as professional take on what's going on. Delicious !

A legal thriller, Fury turned out to be a pleasant surprise with elements of fantasy and new age religions lending a throughly enjoyable twist to this fast paced story of trials, tribulations and ultimate redemption. Starting with the brutal rape of a young mother, this tale takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the main character seeks justice for her along with juggling terrorism threats and kidnapping cases. The many conflicting sub-plots within this story first made me wonder if the author couldn't make up his mind as to what genre to really focus in, but when I finally put the book down, I realized, he did ALL genres really really well !

Today's Smile-Inducer : Reminiscing on past sinful delights :P More on that later...

Toodles !


owl_order said...
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owl_order said...

whoa. looks like a holiday well spent.

Joanna said...

hehe .... yup yup. I so miss those days now, although it was only for a short two weeks. Time flies too fast !