Saturday, August 01, 2009


Today’s smile-inducer : Finding the zen zone
I’m an easily stressed person. By nature I tend to enforce upon myself strict expectations and rules in order to conform to the ‘perfect’ world dictated by the crazy perfectionist in me. The kaizen theory, very much advocated by the brother of mine lists complacency as one of the mighty sins that should never be committed. And to that I sometimes concur. But I’m beginning to see the flaws of my judgment, and I’ve come to realize that flaws are the outstanding marks that complete perfection.

“Do you like it when people call you a bookworm? It’s sooooo boring !” she said.

It’s immaturity like this that I can’t stomach. Why is there the eternal need to be cool? Why do people seek so much to belong that sometimes they don’t realize how disgusting and out of place their behavior gets? I see it all around me and I fail to comprehend what’s so cool… about being cool?

It further astounds me to see that most of these people are way past the age of 21 and yet choose to behave like 15 year olds hyped up on the insecurities of puberty ripe at the cusp of adolescence.

A good example is the sprouting of silly quizzes on facebook where they ‘predict’ the age at which one will lose one’s virginity. As expected, quizzes such as these solicit suggestive and sometimes vulgar responses. But seriously tell me, how cool does “Where can I get a girl quick” sound? I’m terribly amused when I hear of boys wanting to look for call girls. Wherein lies the thrill when you have to pay for a girl to spend a night with you? How cool is it when you write that on a messageboard for the world to see? Publicizing the fact that you can’t even get something without having to pay for it…

You could :

Lie - so people think you’re someone you’re not but could you make the mirror lie to you?

Plaster on a mask – so that the real you is hidden and suppressed but could you sleep at night wearing that mask without suffocating from the weight of it?

Bribe, steal and kill – to get what you want, but could you bribe your conscience, steal some peace of mind and kill your inner voice?

I may be half nerd, half geek, I’m highly allergic to sports, I love my books to bits and I think the world is one fantastic playground brimming with knowledge for us all to tap into. I won’t go clubbing because I think it’s plain stupid to pay good money to get my eardrums blasted off by music I don’t even like, neither will I smoke because I think smokers are essentially really selfish people who highly educated as some may be don’t bother about the ill effects of secondhand smoke.

If you fail to see the things in me that make up the person that I am, then you’re not worth my time, and neither will I feel like I’ve lost a friend. I don’t see the need to conform to what you want and destroy the person that I really am in order to reach that one stupid goal. It’s silly really, how we all seek to be ‘individuals’ by trying to emulate one another. I’m happy simply because I’m cool with being uncool. You should too.

“Better a bookworm than an empty vessel” My answer shall ever be.


PoisonKagero said...

Great post! I like the last line =). Yay to bookworms!!!

Joanna said...

Haha... yup ! It's an honour being called a bookworm =)

Zhen Yuan said...

Cool post :) I couldn't help but agree as much.